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Just a quick note ;

I'm working on two chapters now, as the characters are about to take two separate paths. It's about to get complex!

I feel like we are about half way through the book.

Are there any questions so far?

Any issues with time line or plot that you can see or you are unsure about?

Who are you liking/hating?

I know a favourite of mine is James, he is lovely to write. But I LOVE to write as Argent. And I love to have all four young mates in dialogue together.

What else are you reading? Most of you know I love anything that MiaMeade  is writing and she also happens to be a pretty awesome mentor ;) If you haven't already started you need to get on to her STAWP ASAP!

I just finished Hiding my Heart by J_abbis which I loved and I'm about to start the sequel!

Let me know what you are reading!

Chapters up soon,

Thank you for reading A Beta Life

Ali xx

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