Chapter 9

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Jaune:" Hello guys, it's been a long time since we last meet."

Pyrrha:" Jaune, it's that you?"

Jaune:" Yes, Prryhia. It is me."

They were happy to see him again. Mrs. Arc rush to him with embrace to see her son alive. Albert and his friends are glad to see Jaune having his reunion and they all smiled to see it.

Mrs. Arc:" Jaune! My baby boy! I'm so glad to you see you again."

Jaune:" Mom, I'm glad that-"

Mrs. Arc:" Why did you run away! We were searching for you when we heard that Qrow found your sword and shield with blood on it & thinking you're dead! I've  been crying for you to return. But you never came back. You could just-"

She was continue speaking while crying when Jaune hugged her back to calmed her. Everyone don't want to interrupted the moment.

Jaune:" I know, Mom. I'm sorry for what I did before. But I have been tormented at the academy and dad just disowned me so I have to running away so you can all be happy without me."
Then, Albert came to him and put his hand on his shoulder.

Albert:" Son, we're all here for you. You helping the others that they can't defend themselves and your family and friends are supporting you. You are lucky that we stand beside you. You should be happy."

Jaune give a smiled at his adopted father.

Jaune:" Thanks, dad. Oh, by the way, this is Albert Manson, admiral of UNSC fleet."

She let go of her son and look at Albert to give a smile.

Mrs. Arc:" My name is Mrs. Arc and thank you for taking care of my son."

They both shakes their hands.

Albert:" I'm a good man, Mrs. Arc. I treated him like my own son. He's been a proud man ever since."

She wiped her tears as she was proud to see Jaune is alright after his disappearance. Then, He look at Ozpin and his friends.

Jaune:" Prof. Ozpin! It's good to see you again."

Ozpin:" Hello, Mr. Arc. I'm glad to see you alright with your group.

Jaune:" Yeah. By the way, here are my friends that support me during my time."

They walked to them and said.

Keyes:" Hello, my name is Jacob Keyes, captain of Pillar Autumn and this is my daughter Miranda Keyes."

Miranda:" Hello, sir."

Ozpin:" It's nice to see you two."

Johnson:" Hello, Mrs. Arc. My name is Sargt. Johnson. It was nice to meet you."

Mrs. Arc:" It's good to meet you, Mr. Johnson."

Then Sakor stepped forward that makes them surprised to see an alien except Blake and Sun who are already knows him.

Sakor:" Hello, humans and faunus. I'm Sakor'rarok. I'm a commander of his side."

He look at Blake and Sun that he knows them back at the dock.

Sakor:" And we have meet again, Blake and monkey boy."

Sun:" Hello Sakor, just called me Sun."

Sakor:" Sun? What kind of name did you chose?

Sun was offended to heard it.

Sun:" Hey! My parents chose my name since I was born. Don't judge me."

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