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Jungkook, on the other hand, felt so sad. He noticed your behavior, he knew you are avoiding him this past few days.

Whenever he talks to you, you would answer shortly. You wouldn't even eat with him, he missed you treating him whenever he's hungry.

He missed the feeling of you by his side. Even in the house, you would lock yourself in.

He felt so frustrated, he doesn't even know why you're acting this way. His heart breaks whenever he thinks you're mad at him, but he always asures himself that you're not mad at him.

He couldn't focus when someone's talking to him. All in his mind is you, wondering why you've been avoiding him, wondering if he did something wrong.

He just wanted to see the one he loves, to hear you laugh again, to cuddle with you.

And then he made up his mind.


Jimin: Hey!

You faced him with a brow raised.

Jimin: Kook's in the clinic.

You: So..?

He sighed and pushed his hair back,

Jimin: His ankle twisted, and there's nobody there to help him.

Your eyes widened, and before you knew it, you were running towards the schools' clinic. Jimin watched you running away with a happy-sad smile.

You pushed the clinics' door open, the knob hitting the wall creating a loud bang. But you could only care less. What's on your mind now is Jungkook, and only him.

But the room is dead quiet. You went to a bed that has a curtain covering it, thinking Jungkook must be there sleeping. But wouldn't he get awakened by the loud bang?

Then suddenly you heared the door lock, then a hand snaked on your waist from behind, a head laid on your shoulder. You were about to elbow whoever dared to do that to you, but you smelt his cologne, you smelt him.

Then you felt something wet on your shoulder, he's crying. You are ready to beat the shit out of the person who made him cry like this, but then.. you knew it was you.

Jungkook: W-why are you avoiding m-me?

He managed to choke out between his hiccups. He felt so different right now, you just wanted to cup his face and kiss him.

And so you did. You didn't care about him being your stepbrother, you could only think that you love him.

Shock was written on Jungkooks' face when he felt his lips against yours. He didn't expect this, he expected you to hug him and let him break down in front of you and wet your uniform.

You pulled away and stared at his face, your thumb rubbing away his tears.

You: I'm sorry.

A tear fell down on your eyes, then not so soon, more rolled down.

You: I-It's just that- I have this feelings that I shouldn't have. I t-tried stopping it, but nothing w-worked. I always find myself longing for you, and it breaks my heart whenever I let you go alone walking to school, eating by yourself—

Jungkook hushed you and pulled you into a hug.

Jungkook: At least now I know it isn't just me who have this feelings.

You cried into his chest, tears of joy escaping from your eyes. You hugged him tight, and heared him chuckle.


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I still remember myself being happy that this book had 100 reads.
Thank you all so muuucchh~
I love ya'll :')

Thank you all so muuucchh~I love ya'll :')

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