Chapter 5

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Sorry.. for the lateness.. school's a bitch...

It's literally been two months.. sorry.. hard to get inspiration when your looking at your non hot teacher.

And If you've noticed, I've changed the description.

-3rd POV~Naruto-
"Hi cutie." He heard sickeningly sexy voice. "N-nani?" He asked in surprise. It was Monday, after gym class, he had just managed to dress accordingly without anyone looking, but yet, here was a perverted boy behind him, who snaked his hands around Naruto's waist.

"N-nande?" He stuttered out, as the hands were now around his waist. "What's you're name cutie?" He asked while placing his chin on Naruto's shoulder. "N-N-Naruto." "Heh, a cute name for a sexy blond." He whispered closely to the blond's ear. "W-who are you?" He asked in fear for his dear ass~ I mean life.

"My name's Sasuke Uchiha, better remember your boyfriend's name from now on." He whispered, breathing heavily against the boy's neck, making the blond shiver from the tingling sensation. "I-I don't have a~aaah!" He moaned out suddenly, once he felt a tongue on his neck, snaking around sexually. "You like that don't you?" He whispered then attacked the boy's neck once more, sucking and biting. "Mm! S-Sasuke!" He screamed in ecstasy as the other bit his sweet spot harshly.

Sucking and licking, and left a bright mark, where almost anyone (who's not blind) can see.

"See this, this is mine." Sasuke said with a smirk, looking at the hickey he gave the poor blond.

"You're mine, got that?" He said and kissed the blond on the lips harshly, making the other melt at the touch, the little kiss turned into a full on make out session tongues clashed, Naruto submissively moaned into it, cheeks beet red.

"H-hai." He muttered, fidgeting slightly on the spot.

"See, you later, Naru-chan." He said with a wink, and left the gym's locker room and the blond along with it. "Sasuke.." the blond muttered.

Naruto quickly got up and tried recovering his composure. He touched the spot on his neck where Sasuke left a mark.

'How will I hide this."

And he left with only thoughts like those in his mind.

'My Naruto senses are going haywire, where is that blond?!' I thought, while staring blankly at our teacher, Proffessor Hyuga, Hinata's older cousin was discussing stuff about Geometry.

Somehow the guy graduated from college last year, and is just 19 years old. And he acts all high and mighty, as if he's smarter than us.

Knock knock!

"Come in." Prof. Hyuga answered and in came my, red in the face, very flustered blond.

"And where have you been, Mr. Uzumaki? Class started 20 minutes ago." My blood boiled when I saw him smirking wickedly, fucking pervert.

"G-gomen!" Naruto said in retaliation.

"Detention after classes. Forget and you'll be sorry." Prof. Hyuga warned him with a glower. That fucking pervert.

Trying to get my Naruto alone.
Damn why haven't I thought of that.

"Hai Prof. Hyuga." He answered like a good little puppy.

He's supposed to be my puppy.

"Now sit down."

He nodded and hurriedly took the empty seat next to me and took out his text book.

Why was he late?

We had gym class together.... damnit what if someone else stole his virginity?

Oh, nah.

Not again.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
-At detention-

"Ah nice of you to finally be on time, Mr. Uzumaki." Damnit. Stupid snarky comments making me blush.

Stupid hot teacher.

I sighed as I looked around at who else was there.

"Oh, hey Naruto." Why does that lazy voice sound familiar.

"Oh Shika! Why're you here?" I sat down next to him with a suspicious look.

"Fell asleep in Prof. Hyuga's class, again." Again?!

"Quiet down Mr. Nara. Uzumaki, come with me please." He ordered glaring at my friend.

What's this about? I just came in late, had I done something worse than dosing off in class?

I sighed as I nodded in answer, he lead me out of the room and back out to the corridors.

"I didn't want to say this in front of your lazy smart ass hell friend, so here it is."

Here what is?

"Congratulations Mr. Uzumaki, you aced your first test." He said with a smile.

I couldn't tell if he was sincere, his eyes were empty, but he had a creepy smile.

"Ano, hai. Thank you professor." I said with a bow.

I was about to go back to the detention room when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Well now can't leave without a reward now?" He said turning my head around.

"I don't under~ mmph!"

Oh fucking satan.

The damn hot teach was kissin' my sore lips.

Shit if I don't pull away now, this might turn into a scandal.

Dear readers, only fiction books get this type of forbidden love.

And dears, let me tell you we are real, very real.

Every second of your life, I'll be there.

Every birthday you celebrate, I'll be there.

Every occasion you attend I'll be there.

Now back to the story. 😘

"Nyah!" I moaned under his rough kiss. This is fuckin' wrong.

I kicked his abdomen and surprisingly, it worked. My lips were free.

Damnit, I gotta run now.



Shit. Now I have three stalkers.

What does that make me?

A stalkie? Whatever it is I'm called.

Stalker numero uno is my best friend, I think. Hot tan, cute tattoos, 6 pack, cute smile, he's got it all.

Then there's number two, the bastard who gave me a hickey, handsome face, cold onyx eyes, weird duck butt hair, sadistic. Me likey.

And of course my most recent molester, stalker three, the hot teacher, long brunette hair tied in a pony tail, and for some reason he's wearing a yukata.

Welp.. three... wait.. maybe four?

I've felt like I was being watched since the moment I've stepped into school, well yes I'm a new student so they'll stare...

But still.. I feel like someone's looking while I pee.. couldn't be surveillance cameras, they're only at the main entrances and exits... so has someone been watching me?

I pant as I neared the toilet, I locked the door in fear for my dear life (and grades).

"Naruto-kun, please open the door."

Who is that? I haven't heard that voice bef-!


Bad or good...

Sorry 'bout the late update, hoped you liked it.

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