Open arms

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I was learning more and more each day about people and the way they are. It helped that Antonio was showing me. Every time I had a question he would answer it truthfully

I didn't feel so out of place with everyone like I did before. I know people think I need to socialize and make friends but I was okay with Antonio, Wade and Adrian.

I'm happy Cole decided to be happy with Wade. Cole needs someone like Wade to make him happy. Plus Wade talks and Cole doesn't. Well not to many people. He talks to me and Luke. He says I'm his best friend.

But he needs another best friend besides me and Luke.

Antonio kept his word and picked me up for school. My parents were hesitant but I told them it was okay. They worry too much.

Antonio came to the door to get me and we walked to the car. I got in and buckled my seatbelt. He got in and did the same. I looked at all the buttons and he explained what everyone did so I did what anyone did, I played with them.

I flipped through the music until I came to the eighties station and stopped. He chuckled, "oldies it is."

We drove to school and got out of the car. As we walked towards the front door, he slid his hand into mine. I smiled and so did he.

He walked me to my locker then we went to his, before heading to the room with the puzzle. He pulled out a new puzzle and opened the box. Then dumped the pieces out. We worked on it together until our class.

I walked inside and took my seat. I pulled out my materials as others started arriving. I focused on what the teacher was saying, then someone decided to touch me. This made me move. They kept doing it before I stood up.

Everyone looked at me. I looked at the person, "please don't touch me." Then I sat back down. People snickered while I tried to refocus on my lesson. Why must people bother someone?

Once class was over, I gathered up my stuff and walked out of the classroom. Then someone stopped me.

"Please move," I said to them, not making eye contact.

"Yeah I don't think so freak," they said as I was becoming anxious.

"Please move," I said getting upset.

"Awww, is someone going to cry. Then maybe you should have a reason to cry," they said as they grabbed my wrist. I tried to push them off as they dragged me down the hallway. They came to a closet as I kept clawing at them, opened the door. Oh god.

They shoved me inside and slammed the door shut. I don't like the dark. I pounded on the door with my palms, "let me out!"

The door wouldn't open as I tried to open it.

"Please let me out!"

The door opened and I looked at them. Ella and Darcy shoved me back and from there I screamed as the door closed.

Antonio's POV

I went to the room Rain has lunch in and she wasn't there. This wasn't like her.

I went to see if maybe she was in her class but no one was there. What the hell?

Then I started to check rooms and closets. Morris and Adrian found me while I was checking things out.

"Have you seen Rain," I asked.

"No," Adrian said.

"Something's not right," I said to them.

"We'll help you look," Wade said as we checked every place possible until we came across a closet locked. Adrian picked the lock. I don't even want to know how he knew how to do that.

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