Chapter 8

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So I have been out of my body about a week and this woman won't leave me alone she keeps saying chose...uh chose what lady?! Lucas. comes and see me everyday he has even kissed me in front of mom but she doesn't really seem to give a crap. "Beck." I almost jumped five feet in the air when the woman said behind me my name. "Chose, Beck." She says. "Chose? Chose what?" I asked and she looked at me such a pretty young women black hair with pail skin. "Him....or....death." She answers. My eye grew big I don't want to die so much left to see in my life! taking Lucas's V card and getting married to someone, starting a family, and more i cant even think of right now! "I want to leave." I said and she nodded her head and the next thing I knew i was waking up and lookin to my left at Lucas.

"Beck?!" I hear a guy say. I tried to say something but nothing came out. "Here sit up and drink this i will get a doctor." I looked at him seeing it was Lucas. He said handing me a cup of water. I sit up and drink. Lucas left and came back a few minutes later. The doctor walked up to me and shined a light in my eyes. He looked at his clip broad in his hands and sighed.

Where am I and what's going on? "Beck." I hear the doctor. I looked Lucas. I cleared my throat. "Yes?" I answered "does anything hurt?" He asked. "No." I said. The doctor turned to Lucas. "We are gonna keep him here a few more days." The doctor left and when he closed the door.

I felt warm lips hit mine. "You scared me to death damn it." He said kissing me more. I pulled back. "I'm sorry." Lucas sat down and looked at me. "You were out for a week." I looked at him. "What happened?" I asked. "You took pills." I looked at him and then looked down at my lap. "You got upset when I asked you why you hurt yourself and wouldn't tell me. You ran into the bathroom." I sighed. "Okay, I will tell you just don't get mad."
I know it short I haven't updated in along time so just please I will update tomorrow I swear

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