chapter thirty-six ; gliding over all

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october. 2010

"So what are you here to propose?" Joe questioned Finn as he took a seat on his leather chair. Finn was at Joe's apartment to bring up a concern and offer a solution to the problem.

Finn exhaled. "I want your gang to kill some prisoners for me. They were involved in Dom Gonzalez's business and now they are a threat to all of us. If they decide to flip, we all go to prison for life."

Joe scoffed. He didn't see why Finn was coming to him with that problem. He was in charge of distribution and he didn't feel like he was responsible for tying up loose ends. But he saw it as an opportunity to make a little money.

"I'll do it if you provide some compensation. Let's say, $50,000 per person." Joe answered. Many of his gang members were in prison and still operated from inside the jail. It was obviously going to be hard to murder witnesses that were involved in a high profile case, but it was still very possible.

Finn pursed his lips. "Consider it done."


One by one, Joe's gang attacked the witnesses. They had to be quick and murder them while the guards weren't around. But they ultimately succeeded in stabbing, suffocating, and killing every single person that was a threat to Finn's business.

All of a sudden, David Harbour's phone began to ring. He was sitting behind his desk doing some paper work and sighed at the interruption. He grabbed the phone off the hook and held it up to his ear while continuing to write some things on a piece of paper.

"We have a problem regarding your uh, Heisenberg case." The officer on the phone stated. Most of the people in the D.E.A and surrounding law enforcement agencies were rather skeptical of David's obsession with finding the man known as Heisenberg. Most of his colleagues simply wanted him to give it up and devote his time to something more reasonable. However, David refused to listen to them.

"All of the witnesses that were involved in the Dom Gonzalez case have been murdered."

David's heart sank. He knew that they were most likely the only people that could lead him to Heisenberg. And they were all gone. He finally thought he was coming to some closure, but one phone call ruined everything for him.

He decided that maybe it was time to finally give up hope of finding Heisenberg.


"What the hell is that?!" Natalia exclaimed when she saw her younger brother slowly dragging a huge bag through the front door of the car wash. She could tell it was super heavy because Finn couldn't even lift it off the ground.

"It's uh... Two million dollars in cash." He said quietly, half of him hoping that she wouldn't hear him.

The young woman sighed and placed her hands on her face. Laundering Finn's money was becoming increasingly hard as he continued to make more and more cash. Ever since Ellen began shipping the meth internationally and with Joe in charge of the distribution, they were making more money than ever.

"I already have over ten million dollars stashed in this building. I'm just... I'm so tired." Natalia muttered while trying to hold back tears.

She'd became rather depressed and there was nothing she could do about it. She simply wanted a break from everything. She didn't want to deal with Finn's criminal antics anymore. She wanted to live a life of her own.


Finn, his parents, Natalia, Noah, David, and his wife Winona all sat around the dining room table. They were having a small get together since Winona mentioned to Karen that David hadn't been feeling good lately. He was still super bummed about the deaths of the witnesses.

The man hadn't said much during the meal. He simply sat there and ate his food. It was hard for Finn to make eye contact with his uncle. He felt guilty for all of the trickery and deceit. He'd done so many horrendous things that were basically right in front of his uncle's eyes.

David sighed and wiped his mouth with a paper napkin. "I'm going to the restroom." He stated quietly. He got up out of his chair and then walked through the living room on his way to the bathroom.

He made it to the bathroom door when he heard a phone ringing. It was coming from inside Finn's bedroom. David walked into his nephew's room and saw the small black device lying on the bed.

He was getting ready to yell for Finn, but being the naturally curious person he was, he decided to answer it himself.

"Hey Finnie, I was just calling to say that Ellen is getting really ansty. She wants us to have another meth shipment ready by the end of the week. She's honestly such a bitch and I think-"

"Who the hell is this?" David scoffed gruffly. The voice sounded a bit familier although he had no idea who it was.

Millie's heart dropped when she realized that it wasn't Finn who answered the phone. She hung up as fast as she possibly could.

Unfortunately the damage had already been done.


Black curly hair

F.W's recipe

Making a bomb

The explosion

Death of Dom Gonzalez

Coordinated death of the witnesses

Shipment of meth



David's heart began to beat faster than it ever had in his life. His vision was a bit dizzy and he felt like he was going to pass out. He dropped Finn's phone on the ground and then plopped down onto his nephew's bed.

"Holy shit..."

* * * *

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