Chapter Nine - The Set-Up

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The week flew by quickly.

By the time Friday came around I was as tired of my new workout schedule. We had been training endlessly with Mia 'Sass-A lot' for five days, and the need to kick her in the face was becoming stronger by the minute as I perfected my fighting techniques. 

Yesterday she had Kat and I wrestle in the boxing ring for a chance that the person who wins gets to leave training early.

I won, but instead of the promised prize, she made me train an hour extra for my "laziness".

Today felt different though, and I couldn't tell why. It might have something to do with the text I received forty minutes ago.

Week One of the training completed.
Your rewards await in your bedrooms.

All four of us girls received the message on our disconnected phones at the same time during training. Mia didn't dismiss us when she should have though, so our reward was delayed. 

The excitement for that message had my veins pumping. Nothing could have gotten me happier than hoping my reward was calling her dad. Actually, I hoped that all of our rewards were calling our families. It had been a whole month by now since we'd last spoken to someone not living or working in this house.

Once I got to my floor and burst into the bedroom I was given, I stopped in my tracks. There, in my room, was a man. Not a man I recognized. This man was not my father.

He was large and dressed in all black with a balaclava on his head. My attention was on high alert as the man turned toward me and all but jumped to grab for my neck.

All I could do at the moment was scream. All thoughts of basic self-defense training I received twice this week was thrown out the window.

The intruder grasped my throat then, his fingers closing in around my neck as he squeezed the scream came to a stop. His honey gold-brown eyes were the last thing I remembered before my oxygen-deprived body slumped to the floor.


I could feel my head throbbing as my eyes opened to take in my surroundings. I woke up in a dark room. The only light coming from a window in the ceiling.

Artificial light, I realized quickly.

I stirred slightly, causing the pulsing ache in my head to grow stronger. But I had to, I needed to take in my surroundings. The room was made out of slabbed concrete. Clearly underground. Only then did it dawn on me that I had been kidnapped.

My mind began working overtime. It was clear that someone with an agenda against Elite had broken into the mansion and captured me as a hostage.


My mind instantly thought of the other girls at the house. Did they only take me? What if they got Kat, Lauren, and Elizabeth too?

Having spent the past three weeks with these girls, they were all becoming like a second family to me. We lived together, eat, train and breathed together. No matter that Kat and I seemed to be closer than my relationship with the others. If something had happened to either one of them I wouldn't know how to continue in this shitty society.

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