Oh No: Part 2

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Baha: HEY UNICORNS! We are back and ready!

Everyone: *groaning* Seriously, now!

Baha: Yes! You all deserved it.

Shadow/Samara: Drama Queen...


Amy: Anyway lets get on with the dares.

Tikal: AmeliaRosetteRose, your dares are up first.

Tails: I dare everyone to play ML (Mobile Legends) YES!

Cream: Ok. How do you play this?

Everyone finished and Sparks, Baha ,Samara and Amy won. (Sorry I searched it up and couldn't understand it)


Shadow: BAAAAAAHHHHHAAAA! *chases after her*

Baha: You will never touch me, Chienne! (Bitch in French I think)

Shadow catches Baha and throws her on the couch.

Baha: Owie...

Sonic: the next dare is I dare shadow to buried sonic in the backyard when he's sleeping 😈😈 NO!

Amy: Is that REALLY necessary, I mean he could get hurt badly...


Sonamy: WHAT! NO! *blush*

Everyone: Sure...

Sparks: Whatever. Sonic what is THAT!?

Sonic: Huh! Where?

Sparks: *shoots electricity ray at him* 1...2...3

Sonic: *sleeping*

Amy: Oh my. Is he okay? :/

Sparks: Yeah, just knocked him out. Shadow do your dare.

Shadow: YES! Thank You! *drags Sonic into hole and puts dirt over him*

Sonic (4 hours later) ugh... Huh! WHERE AM I!

Blaze and Silver: -v-'

Sonic:*escapes and punches Shadow*

Shadow: *punches Sonic*

Samara/Amy: BOYS! STOP IT THIS INSTANT! *grabs their ears and pulls them*

Shadow/Sonic: OW! Ow. Ow. Ow. owie...

Everyone: *laughing*

Cream: Whew, next dare. I dare Silver to prank call Eggman.

Baha: DAMMIT! I want that dare! Lucky-Ass!

Silver: Yes! This gonna be good! *calls him*

Eggman: Hello. Dr. Ivo Robotnik at your service. What do you want?

Silver: *playing as Baha* Ooooh, Hello Egggy-Weggy!

Baha: WTF! WHY YOU LITTLE... *lunges at Silver*

Everyone: Baha! *holds Baha back*

Knuckles: Jeez, Woman! Calm down!

Rouge: For once, Knuckie's here is right, hon! Calm down!

Eggman: Is this that pesky muslim-hog! What do you want, rat!

Silver: Um, do you have Ramen? I ran out and I'm eggausted!

Baha: Hey, just cause I like Ramen, doesn't mean you need to call me out Silvy!

Eggman: Why you...*hangs up*

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