2018 Watty Award Winner

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I'm still in shock as I write this but today (October 5, 2018), it was revealed that my little story, Heart of the Sky, has won the Watty Award in the 'Heartbreaker' category! 

I'm emotional. Overwhelmed. Excited. Happy. Crazy...

I cannot thank everyone enough for supporting my story

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I cannot thank everyone enough for supporting my story. The comments that you all have left on my story - chapter by chapter, at the end, all of them - have meant the absolute world to me. I never expected that Heart of the Sky would win, but I am so grateful that it has. A huge thank you to Wattpad HQ for believing my story was worthy. It took me a long time to realise that maybe I am worthy.

I also thought I'd do a YouTube video about my writing journey with Heart of the Sky and winning the Watty Award, so if you'd like to watch it, please do. Word of warning, it's 27 minutes long, and I could have gone longer but my phone kept saying no memory and it would stop recording and I'd have to delete things and make a new recording. It was annoying haha.

But anyway, enjoy:

A huge thank you to everyone reading this and are continuing to support my little story. I owe you everything. I love, love, love you all!

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