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They drive for quite a while, out of Harlingston and into the next country.

Cade starts to shift in his seat after driving for thirty minutes on the old two lane.

"You okay?" Brooke finally asks.

Cade bites his lip.

"I need to go to the bathroom." Cade says, looking around at the barren fields surrounding him.

"Just pull over." Brooke says, seeing the panic in his eyes.

He nods and pulls the car aside. He jumps out quickly and hops to the back tire where he relieves himself.

When he gets back in the truck his face is red as a tomato. He is avoiding eye contact.

Once they finally start driving again, Brooke places her hand on his thigh.

"It's okay." She says.

"You don't have to hide anything from me. I'm not going to judge you."

Cade side smiles.

"It's been kinda weird the last couple days. It's like I won't have to go and suddenly it hits like a wave and I am on the verge of wetting my pants. But, like, I have a minute to actually do something about it before it comes out." He babbles.

"Wasn't it like that before?"

Cade shakes his head.

"No. Before it was like just instantaneous, like I wouldn't feel it until it was running down my leg..."

"That is weird. But now you have a little time?"

"Yeah like a minute." He says.

"Have you ever actually wet yourself, like in public?" Brooke feels they're close enough now it's okay to ask.

Cade sighs.

"A lot of times. Most the time."


"Yeah. I always go as soon as I get where ever I'm going. A little while later I will have a flashback and by the time I am able to get my thoughts back in order the damage is already done."

"Sorry." She says.

"That doesn't sound fun."

"Usually it's only enough to wet my underwear or leave a little wet spot on my jeans. I don't think anyone notices, but its still embarrassing."

Brooke takes his hand, holding it on the center console. Cade smiles, silently grateful.

They keep driving for a long time. They're two towns over when Cade finally pulls the car over on the side of a dirt road.

"Come on." He says.

Brooke gets out of the car, getting an uneasy feeling. Maybe he is going to murder her and leave the body out here, where no one would ever find it.

Cade's face isn't that of a maniac though. It's actually nervous, pale, and usually sparkling eyes are dry looking down at the ground.

He takes her hand, walking her up a little dirt trail into the hills. A wood burnt sign reads 'Mayville Catholic Cemetery'

Brooke feels really nervous now. Cade wordlessly leads her through the old, overgrown cemetery to a headstone covered in sun bleached flowers and trinkets of angles.

Beloved daughter, mother,
and grandmother

Cade kneels in front of the stone. Brooke kneels beside him. He pulls a letter out of his back pocket. Its folded neatly and still in an off white envelope.

"This is my grandma." He says.

"The only family I ever had. I never met her. Well, when I was born. She was the only one to hold me. She left me this letter." Cade hands her the envelope. She opens it to find a faded peice of notebook paper and on it, beautifully written calligraphy.

'My dearest grandson. I've sat in this kitchen and written this letter a dozen times, but the right words have never come. Perhaps there are no right words. I know there will come a time in your life when you will want to find your biological family. We just want you to know, we did not give you up because you are not loved. You are so loved, beautiful baby boy. Your mother, Darcy, is a sophomore in highschool and your dad is a trucker who doesn't stay in one place too long. What I would give to take you, to have the son I never had.  But God has been calling my name for some time now, I've been telling him I have to wait to meet our sweetest baby boy before my work would be complete. As I write this letter, my heart skips a beat. I don't have much left in me. Your mother is young and confused and a child would just be too much to bare. I just pray you understand why we have made this decision. Your new family will love you, just as much as we do. You will do great things, and always know grandma is watching. We love you.'

Brooke puts her hand over her mouth, feeling a chill go up her spine.

"That letter is the only thing that has kept me going all these years." He says.

"Cade..." Brooke says, but can't find any words to follow, but Cade seems to have plenty to say, for once.

"I have never been out here. I've driven by but could never actually see it. See the words. I've looked at the map a hundred times. I bet I could find it with my eyes closed."

"Why did you chose now?" Brooke says.

He turns to her, dry eyes now sparkling in the setting sun.

He falls to the grass. Brooke sits behind him, he rests his head on her thigh. She runs her fingers through his hair.

"You're talking about this whole 'needing closure'. I feel like this is a chapter I need to close too, before D.C. The first chapter. I carry this letter everywhere I go, I just, I feel like I don't need to anymore.  I have you."

Brooke feels a tear stream down her cheek and it falls onto Cade's shirt.

"Basic training wasn't really in Aniston, was it?" She says.

Cade shakes his head.

He isn't crying, just looking up at the leafy trees and the sun peeking through them. The sit and watch the sunset, listen to the leaves rustle with the whisper of the wind. It's tranquil and impossible to not feel happy, relaxed. Cade closes his eyes and he looks more at peace than Brooke has ever seen him look. She soaks it all in.

Finally, Cade sits up.

"I think it's time." Cade says. He stands up, placing the letter on top of the headstone, placing a stone on top of it.

"You were right, gramdma. I love you." He says, stroking the stone.

He turns immediately to Brooke. His face is pinched like he is doing everything in his power to hold himself together.

"It's okay." She soothes, squeezing him so, so tight.

He pulls away, wiping his face. He turns away, holding his hand out for Brooke to take.

Even though the walk back to the truck is mere feet, Cade looks absolutely drained.

"That was beautiful." Brooke says.

"It was time." He chokes.

"I can't live off that letter forever."

Brooke nods and Cade opens the truck door for her, they speed away down the old dirt road, kicking up dust untoched for years.

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