Chapter Thirty-Nine: Texts at 1:00 AM

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Chapter Thirty-Nine: Texts at 1:00 AM

Friday morning at 1:00 AM

GEORGE laid on his bed, trying to fall asleep but sleep wasn't coming his way.

Lydia tossed and turned trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in but she couldn't. Today's events kept replaying in her mind. His hand tracing patterns onto her body, sleeping in each other's arms. Their chats about anything and everything.

Lydia couldn't get George Scott out of her head, no matter how hard she tried.

I can't sleep. Deleting the text message George groaned, he didn't want to wake her up even though she was the only way he could fall asleep.

He just needed to hear her voice, he needed anything he could get from her. He was desperate.

I can't sleep and you're the reason why.

Lydia sent the text message with a second glance. She knew that if she read it a second time she'd delete it.

Though this was the only way she was going to get to sleep, texting George. Talking to him.

George <3: Your the reason why I can't sleep. So, I guess we are even? ;)

Lydia smiled down at her phone screen, blushing madly. If her parents could see her now they'd probably hand her a pregnancy test. Even though she clearly told them she and George were taking things slow.

So slow they didn't confess their feeling for each other yet.

Lydia <3: nope, you owe me chocolate!

George bit his lip, trying to stop himself from waking up the entire house with his laughter. He ate all the chocolate he'd brought for Lydia and she wasn't the happiest person after she found out.

I'll buy you a milkshake from Mindy's after your show instead?

He was taking a chance here but knew if he didn't then he'd never get to sleep tonight. He needed to sleep.

Lydia <3: You owe me TWO milkshakes :)


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