The end of the fallen

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Raynare...I see that Asia is very important to them for some reason.

Raynare: Asia, come on, let's go home.

She said to Asia. I stood before Asia covering her with my body.

F/N: You forgot about me.

Raynare:Huh? You? You are not worth the trouble.

She laughed.

Raynare:Well, Asia, let's go, and I won't kill your friend.

Asia hesitated, but took one step forward.I stopped her.

F/N: Relax, I will protect you.

I told Asia and smiled. She smiled and her face became red.Raynare, she stopped sneering to smile.She put on an angry expression.

Raynare:You're pretending a hero?I do not have time for it, if she does not come alone, I will take she by force.

F/N: First, you must fight with me!

I took a few steps toward her.

Raynare:Well, we both know that you can not afford to fight in such a place.

Unfortunately, this whore was right. Conduits are being sought, I can not take unnecessary attention. But if it's necessary, I will fight with she even here.

F/N: How do you know that?

Raynare: We have our own ways, nothing can be hidden from us.

I had to do something, and Asia had to have a chance to escape.As far as I know, there are two other guys out there, a priest and a fallen angel. I have no idea if they are around here. But I had to take a chance, I discreetly pulled out my phone and and I called Rias.

F/N: What do you need Asia for?

Raynare: We are preparing a ritual, but you do not need to know anything more...

Freed:Let's finish it now!!!

Freed jumped from behind the wall and threw himself at me with a sword.Fortunately, I expected it.I turned around and dug the Gigawatt Blades into Freed's stomach. I threw him at Raynare,I grabbed Asia's hand and we ran towards the school.I noticed Rias picking up the call, I hope she heard what happened here. Suddenly, Dohnaseek appeared before us.

Dohnaseek: Not so fast, kid.

He threw spears of light toward us.I created polarity wall and absorbed the attack. I fired a megawatt hammer at him,but he dodged, and the ball of energy hit the trees, tearing them apart.

Dohnaseek: Not bad kid, but it's not enough.

Then, Freed and Raynare appeared near us.We were surrounded, damn... 

Freed: What are we waiting for, let's kill him quickly!

I looked around. I noticed that there are railway tracks near us.This is our chance. I threw Shock Grenade to them.

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