You found me

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Luca pov
I avoided him.

I tried so hard to go anywhere he wasn't.

I ate in the lunchroom.

I kept my self with my head down.

I was so embarrassed and ashamed

I didn't want to see his face of disgust when he left Looked at me. "Please, please, please" I whispered to my self as I slipped past his friend Moose. But the tall boy had grabbed me by the shirt with ease. "You're a sneaky one little Mouse" I tried freeing my self from his grip but failing pathetically. "You're so cute Mouse but I don't think you're going anywhere."
I sighed in annoyance, I looked up seeing Zayden walk towards us I started to hit at Moose's chest trying to let me go. "Found him," He said pitifully "oh shit, shit, shit! Luca Onward you're ok I'm so glad you're ok." I was about to cross my arms in an attempt to show my frustration. But Zayden Davis got to me before I could blink. Engulfing me in a hug, his hands going through my blue fading hair.
"Sorry" he shook his head and pulled my face close to his closing the space between our lips making me jerk in surprise. He let ok "I'm sorry I got excited I'm sorry Lucas Onward" he throw out a string of apologies. "It's ok," I said, "it's ok?" I nodded slowly feeling a little bit dazed.
My lips were humming and my body was warm. "It's ok," I said softly "little Mouse likes your kisses" Moose teased making me turn red. Zayden sighed and hugged me again "I thought you were mad at me Lucas Onward" I sniffled a bit "never Zayden Davis."

I walked through the door of my house with Moose and Zayden Davis and I stopped in the doorway looking at the person sitting at the island counter.

"Jenna?" I asked stupidly, my mom's smile must've given it away that I was there. "Lucas," she said jumping up from her chair and turning around towards me. "Hello Jenna" "hello Lucas I've missed you," she said near a whisper.
I grinned hugging her I turned around to face my other friends. "Sorry, Jenna, Moose, Zayden Davis, Zayden Davis, Moose, Jenna."

I looked at my mom smiling proudly at her surprise. "Thanks, mom" she smiled "don't mention it. But we are going to eat at the dinner and pancakes are on me!"

She grabbed her jacket and Jenna jumped off the stool grabbing my hand. "Hello, Jenna are you Luca Onwards girlfriend" as he walked up behind her. Not seeing his lips move she, of course, didn't hear him.
I tapped her shoulder.

"Are you my girlfriend" I sign at her making her giggle nod her head jokingly. That made Zayden stop where he was I looked back at him and ran grabbing his hand. "Kidding" I whisper I tugged on him just as Moose shoved him along making us trip over each other.

We ate dinner at the diner enjoying the sweet syrupy pancakes and the delicious chocolate milk that I had.  My mom was the coolest person in my eyes. And I knew that Zayden Davis loved her and Jenna and Moose seemed to like her.


How did someone like my mom make someone like me with someone like my dad?

"Ok so you don't like sex? Or you just don't want it?"  Moose asked I glared and crossed my arms. "Both" Moose chuckled and looked at Jenna "ok Jen what about you?" "I like girls" she states. "A lot!" She adds. That sends both Zayden Davis and Moose laughing, I giggle a bit as well. "Don't worry he's not hitting on you" Zayden reassures, "yeah but Little Mouse is a different story" he wiggles his eye brows. "No the fuck it isn't" Zayden growls making Jenna laugh until her stomach needed support. "You guys are funny, you pick the good ones Lucas" I smile happily and she punches me lightly.

I can see my mom out of the corner of her eye smiling.

Authors note: this is for my friends I made over the summer. Because I lost a lot of friends who I trusted and made new one who restored my faith in humanity. So thanks a lot.

Also Luca is asexual and Moose is gay. Zayden is bi. And Jenna is A lesbian.

Yee Yee bitch.

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