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Budapest - George Ezra

C H A P T E R 1 3



"How did the date go?" Sky asked me the next day. She was sitting comfortably on the bed and was staring at me with a glimmer in her eyes.

I turn to look at her and smile. "Good."

Sky gives me an expectant look. "Is that all you have to say about your first date? Good?"

I shrug my shoulders and pick up my hairbrush. Sky watches me brush my hair with a thoughtful expression.

"Did he kiss you?"

I stopped brushing my hair. The memories hit me instantly and replayed in my mind.

"Thank you, Kaiden, for this. It truly means a lot to me." I told him, sincerely. Kaiden stared at me intensely. I felt so open under his stare, so exposed.

The corners of his lips quirked upward. "Can I ask you something?"

I peered at him with confusion. "Sure, what is it?"

Kaiden swallowed and stepped closer to me. I could now smell his musky scent, that comforted me. This night had been beyond perfect - exquisite. I learned new things about Kaiden, things I had never thought he would tell me. I learned his likes and dislikes, some things he enjoyed and what he didn't enjoy.

I felt honored to have him open up to me. I knew he didn't do it often.

"Can I kiss you?"

My heart leaped at his question. I nervously looked at him. I knew what my answer would be, I knew as soon as he asked me the question. I just hoped I wouldn't stutter whilst answering.

"Y-yes," I eventually replied, giving him a meek smile. Kaiden leaned closer to me and let his lips hover over my mouth for a moment. My breath hitched as my eyes traveled down to his mouth. "Why are you waiting?" I whispered.

Kaiden chuckled. "I was just checking."

Finally, he pressed his lips against mine. As soon as he did that, everything felt amazing. My eyes fluttered closed and my heart raced in my chest. Electricity danced between us, goosebumps erupted and my head was spinning.

Kaiden's lips felt so soft. He delicately moved his mouth against mine as if he was afraid of going too far. I loved the feeling of his lips on mine - I craved more of this.

Sooner than I expected and hoped, Kaiden pulled away. I inhaled and opened my eyes.

He smiled at me and I reciprocated it, shyly.

"You're incredible," Kaiden breathed out, with bright eyes.


"He did, didn't he?" Sky squeals and jumps up from her seat.

My cheeks burned a bright color and I looked down at the ground. I'm not embarrassed about the kiss, I just find it embarrassing talking about it. Plus, Sky will want all of the details. She skips over to me, with a gleeful smile on her face.

"You have to tell me everything!" Oh god.

"Sky, I -"

I cut myself off when the door to my room opens. We both turn to the door to see Raphael walking in with a stony expression on his face. "Yes?" Sky asks him, arching an eyebrow.

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