Chapter Thirty-Eight: Parents.

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Chapter Thirty-Eight: Parents.

Thursday Night 11:00 PM

GEORGE smiled as he closed the front door gently, knowing Angie was asleep already.

He was just after arriving home from Lydia's house. Today felt like a dream to him. He just had a lazy day with Lydia Jackson, the puzzle he can never seem to solve.

"Where were you George?" He heard his mother ask. Turning around to face her, George frowned at the sight in front of him.

His mother looked drained and he couldn't decide whether it was from the constant fighting or working too hard.

"You look like you could sleep for years. Go to bed, don't worry about me. I'm a big boy now, remember?" He grinned, hoping to lighten the mood.

He mother shook her head but a smile played on her lips. I'm not dead yet, the teen thought as he continued to grin.

"George, you can stay with your friends for as long as you'd wish but a text every now and then would be nice. Just to tell me your safe, your father and I worry about your whereabouts sometimes."

George lowered his head, he didn't want to put extra stress on his parents. They already had enough going on in their lives.

"I will. I promise."

Lydia's father sat across from her, his oak desk separating them. Her mother was sitting beside him, staring curiously at her daughter.

Lydia's heart was beating in her chest as her parents watched her every move. Usually, they were always busy, both are workaholics so she and Aaron didn't take it to heart.

But today they decided to both work from home and saw George with her. His arms around her and her arms around him.

Her face went beetroot red as her father broke the silence, "are you pregnant?"


To be honest, my dad wouldn't even ask, he'd throw a diaper at me and say something along the lines of, "that's the first of many."

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