Adrian's POV


I was always the big girl in my family. My mom wasn't big, she was thin but curvy. I think I'm fat but my best friend Alexa thinks I'm curvy. My mother and my sister Ally hate me for being fat and smart I guess. My dad Alexander Michaels has always loved me for me being me. My dad can't stand my mom anymore but he's still married to her for our sakes but he wants to divorce. He already has his own house but he stays here, he's just waiting for an excuse to leave and I will give him one.

              4 YEARS LATER

My graduation was a week away. After I went to live with my dad in the middle of senior year, life was turning upside up. I had made a new friend Alexa and the biggest thing about her is that she accepts me for being me and she also has a huge secret...  she's a werewolf. Yeah I know what y'all are thinking she's crazy in the head but no I'm not. She showed me last year and she actually shifted into a wolf and it was cool but then I fainted lol...

I always wanted to be an English teacher because I love reading and writing. So I'm graduating with a masters degree. Alexa wants to me a gym teacher and teach students at the high school we went to. Since she lives in a pack she has to stay there and she also hasn't found her mate Yet but she said she had a pack meeting... something about new members or something like that.

I was watching Netflix when Alexa came crying her eyes out. "Lex what happened? " "I... sniffle...found...sniffle... my mate " I squealed. "isn't that great news" "yes.. and no" "what do you mean?" I asked still confused to her crying. "he's the new alphas brother and he has a girlfriend and I knew he smelt me but he ignored my existence and continued to be all lovey dovey over her" "I'm sorry Lex, he's missing out on a beautiful girl " "thanks Adrian your the best "

"no problem I'll go buy more ice cream and then we can watch movies today all night long and we can go clubbing tomorrow " "OK bring the almond with coconut and chocolate chips ice cream" "OK got it" I grabbed my keys and drove to the nearest gas station near our apartment. I quickly got off and grabbed the ice cream. Right before entering I got these chills but I wasn't cold but they were pleasant chills. After paying for the ice cream I went home to see Alexa in her minion Pajamas and listening to break up songs by Taylor swift. It broke my heart to see my bff like that.

After watching Comedy and action movies I saw Alexa asleep so I turned off the computer. I got up and fixed her on the couch. I had gone to her room and grabbed her pink and camo fleece tie blanket and covered her. I went to my room and finally fell asleep.


hope you enjoy and the pic on the side is Adrian or the actual actress herself Emma Meyer

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