Chapter 1

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"molepaw!" molepaw woke with a start as his mentor, seednose called him. He padded out of the apprentices den toward seednose. "what are we doing today?" molepaw asked. "we are going hunting with silverclaw and her apprentice. Just as seednose said that, silverclaw and her apprentice, spiritpaw came up. Spiritpaw came over and went up to molepaw's side and whispered in his ear, we're going to be the best hunters NightClan has ever seen!" "don't be to sure about that." said a voice behind them. They both turned and saw Eaglepaw, the oldest out of them three. "shut up you worthless peice of fox dung. And mind your own business!" eaglepaw snarled, and went over to his mentor, peachfur. "let's go, guys." said seednose. The four of them headed over to The Frosted Trees. The trees there were always frosty, even during the summer.

A little way past sun-high, when everyone had enough prey than they could carry, Spiritpaw all of a sudden put her prey on the ground and sniffed the air. "silverclaw," she said. "yes?" replied her mentor. "what is it?" "I smell a weird scent, I don't know what it is." silverclaw sniffed the air and immediately agreed with her apprentice. "she's right. It smells familiar too."

Seednose also scented the air, along with molepaw. Seednose motioned his tail toward a clump of bushes a little ways from camp. Seednose sniffed the air again and added with a growl, "with a hint of blood too."

Molepaw and Spiritpaw's eyes grew wide and molepaw whispered in Spiritpaw's ear, "that was well scented." "thanks." she replied. They both watched as silverclaw and Seednose approach the bush. Silverclaw turned her head toward the two apprentices and ordered, "stay back, we don't know what might be in here." the apprentices nodded and stood back a few paces. Silverclaw and Seednose approached the bush and Seednose called out, "we know your in there! Come out and show yourself!"

As soon as Seednose said that a cat padded out of the bush and stood in front of the two mentors. Molepaw heard Silverclaw gasp.

Under the covering of blood, the eyes of the cat still showed evilness. The only eyes any cat had ever had. Violet eyes. The cat was not supposed to come back to nightclan territory ever again. The cat standing in front of Silverclaw and Seednose was Spiritpaw's exiled father........ Skullpelt.

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