Crocs are a great way to keep your feet comfortable

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Until I bought my first pair of (real) Crocs, this was the style I always thought about when I heard reference to them. The shoe is made out of a durable material and has ventilation in the upper. This shoe is incredibly comfortable and not only "hugs" your foot but massages the sole.

There are imitators out there, including cheap imitation shoes that you can get at Walmart and other discount stores. I've bought them and worn them. By comparison, the cheap shoes feel like plastic on your foot. They aren't as comfortable and tend to be very sweaty.

Crocs are Both Sturdy and Comfortable

The best shoes conform to your foot, molding to it and "cupping" your foot in comfort. For this reason, Birkenstocks have always been my favorite brand of sandal. On that note, when I first saw Crocs, they reminded me of "Birkis," a co-brand of Birkenstocks that originally seemed to have consisted mostly of clogs in a very similar vein to the Crocs brand.

My first thought was that Crocs had to be comfortable, since Birkenstocks are amazing. But because I have a tendency to be a cheap skate, I went for the "fakes" first.

As sandals go, the knock-offs were alright. They fit okay, and they were as comfortable as most shoes are for somebody who has foot problems. But I didn't think that they were anything to write home about, and they didn't inspire me to head off and buy a pair of "real" Crocs.

At least not until my husband bought a pair of these amazing shoes in the hopes that they would comfort his feet while he was working, or at least when he got home. You see, Crocs makes a lot more than just sandals.

This page is just highlighting the sandals, but you can click through any of these shoes and see what else is on offer on Endless. You are sure to find something that will suit your needs, including work shoes!

I first saw these at our local Crocs kiosk at the mall. I wanted them right away but it wasn't in our budget and we haven't been back since then, unfortunately (I'm not a mall person). These have the same feel as the traditional Crocs clogs, but with the style of Mary Janes. Be aware that these are still made of the Crocs material. They will still cup your foot and have the same massaging quality that you get from the clogs that you already wear and love.

I can't wait to get my pair!

Crocs are Much More than Clogs and Sandals!
I can't show you everything on a single page!

Crocs does a lot more than just clogs and sandals. They are best known for their flip flops and their clogs, but there are many other styles to choose from. Because of how comfortable these shoes are to wear, I think that it is terrific that they have so many different styles available. You are sure to find a good boot, or a shoe to wear to work, or a sneaker if that's what you prefer.

This page isn't meant to be a store. It isn't comprehensive. If you're looking for something different than what I have managed to highlight here (summer styles, mostly), then simply click through one of the product links on this page and browse through the Amazon site to find something that is better suited to what you need.

My purpose here is to share with you something that I like and which I think you will like too!
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The Bottom Line is that Crocs Don't Compromise
Crocs are a very comfortable shoe at a reasonable price

My favorite shoes will always be Birkenstocks. I hate to compromise, and when I first got a pair of Crocs, they were meant to be a compromise since at the time the ~$100 wasn't in my budget. At $50, my Crocs have been great for my feet, and they come in my favorite color (orange!). They are funky and fun (which is awesome!) but more than that, they are comfortable. In my opinion, Crocs were worth every penny that I spent on my shoes, and I will definitely be buying more of them in the future.

The other great thing with Crocs is that you don't have to sacrifice your sense of style for comfort, either. You can get everything from a sandal to a sneaker to a pump to a boot and get the same comfort that you've come to expect from this brand. They are sturdy (mine are now an amazing four years old and in great shape!), they are reasonably priced and most of all, they are very comfortable!

Crocs don't compromise, so you make sure that you don't either! Get the real thing!
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I love Birkenstocks sandals. They are easily the most comfortable shoes that I have ever worn. Birkenstocks are often imitated, but nothing can compare to the superior comfort and quality of these shoes. I have never worn anything that suited my foot...

Do you love Crocs too?

I really love my Crocs! I'll be buying another pair just as soon as I can, but the pair I've had for four years is still in really great shape, and I love them to death. I wear them in the house, and out of the house. They get a lot of use, but they have held together beautifully.

If you love Crocs too, please let me know! I'd love to hear from you and about your experience! Just please remember that I don't allow spam to get into my comments. I check everything before it is posted and I will delete anything spam-like!



PrettyWorld Mar 31, 2011 @ 11:34 am
Crocs are the best shoes for gardening. You can get them wet when watering and they don't get soggy or stinky – and they rinse clean and dry almost instantly. Comfortable too. I love them.

I always check the tiny shoe section at Big Lots/Odd Lots stores because they occasionally carry genuine Crocs. Not much selection, the poorest selling colors, and you can be lucky to find your size – but if you do you can get your Crocs for $10 a pair.

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