Chapter 31

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"Peter are you walking?" Drogo's voice came through Peter's door. Peter pulled up from my neck, his red eyes looking at me with a naughty little smile as I pulled him down to my lips instead. "Peter?" I was laughing as Peter kissed me, my arms wrapped around his neck. I felt Drogo's mind as he heard me behind the door with his brother. I could almost see the glare he was shooting at the door. I smiled at Peter who was laying on me while I answered Drogo, "You're walking too, remember?" I gave another laugh and Peter joined me. Drogo's growl from outside the door only made me laugh harder.

The door to Peter's bedroom opened and Drogo stormed into the room. Peter rolled over, annoyed, and took me with him, so I was laying up against him, the sheet covering us. I settled into the crook of Peter's arm, putting a hand on his chest and just smirked up at Drogo. "I think I'm a bad influence on your brother, Drogo. He might be skipping class this morning instead of you." He was irritated about the car but also for finding me in Peter's room, instead of his. "Where are they?" I just smirked at him until he stalked over towards us, looking for my jeans. He spotted them but just as he was reaching for them, I used my power to pull the keys from the pocket lightning quick, catching them in my waiting palm. I blew Drogo a kiss with that same hand and then the keys disappeared beneath the sheets.

"Off you go. Enjoy your walk," I laughed. His smirk returned as he said, "You think that's going to stop me?" My smirk faded as he sprang on the bed, on top of me, as I screeched and tried to move out of his reach. Peter growled in irritation, "Get off Drogo. Get out." Drogo ignored his brother, focusing on me. He straddled me, fishing for the keys under the sheets. We grappled for a few minutes, me keeping the keys away from him, him sneaking a couple feels, when he finally found purchase on the wrist of the hand that held the keys. I closed my fist around them, laughing hysterically, as he growled first in irritation and then triumph as he tried to open my fingers to get the keys.

Peter's irritation had faded as he watched me taunt Drogo, laughing. He folded his hands behind his head, wearing his mischievous look as he watched, amused. Drogo had left the door open and I was relieved the nanny had taken Lorie to school already, even if I had managed to stay covered under the sheet. I used my free hand to reach up and tickle Drogo, causing him to release my wrist for a second, long enough to resume the struggle. We were both laughing by this point, enjoying the tussle. I hid the keys behind my back as he pinned me and bent close. He looked at my neck for a moment that had a drop of blood on it, and then whispered, "You Peter's breakfast, Sasha?"

I smirked at him. He smirked back and leaned closer to my ear to whisper, "I didn't know you did breakfast in bed, Little Thing." He sat up to look at me. I wiggled out from under him and moved back over to lay back against Peter, offering up my shoulder and neck to him. "Yes well you interrupted, so you'd better get walking, if you don't want to be late," I said as I reached back to rub Peter's neck as he lowered his lips to my neck to bite me again. I gasped at the pleasure, closing my eyes for a moment, before I looked up at Drogo. His eyes had lit up at the sight.

I smirked at him, taunting him through the pleasure that was washing through me. He flashed me a fangy-smirk before he growled. He was on the other side of my neck in an instant, biting down on the other side, making me moan and throw my head back as my back arched. My other hand dropped the keys and fisted Drogo's blonde hair. Another moan tore out of me as I held onto them both, ridding the waves of overlapping pleasure. I couldn't stop the sounds coming out of me as they both pulled on me, making me throb all over. The sound of an irritated sigh from the doorway drew my heavy eyes.

Nicolae stood there with a scowl and folded arms. I saw a flash of red in his eyes as he watched his brothers feed on me, making me moan, but his scowl remained. "You're supposed to be a good influence on these two, Sasha. Missing classes isn't part of that." I smiled wickedly as I looked back at him for a second, before another moan parted my lips and closed my eyes. Drogo finally released me and said, "He's just jealous he's not in on it." Peter released me, laughing at his brother's snark. I looked at Nicolae. His mind revealed that Drogo wasn't far off the mark. I raised an eyebrow at him and his eyes flashed crimson. "Told ya, Little Thing," Drogo laughed as he looked at Nicolae.

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