° Prologue °

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This is the §equel to Addicted, so if you haven't read Addicted yet I recommend you to please do or else you'll be lost.


¤ Midnight's Perspective ¤

I've been hiding myself from Qua' sean for way to long, basically half a year and I really don't know why I'm so afraid to reveal my secret. It hurts me, but not as much as he hurt me.

Since I've moved back to Miami, it's been smooth and sleek... no stress... no worries... no fights, well at least not one I have to throw a punch in, but since I'm rising to be a popular star... Niggas are on my case.

I hate having everyone on my case for every single thing I did wrong. I'm only human, so of course I fucked up like I always do. My whole life I've been put down by my family and people who were supposedly my friends, but as an adult I took responsibility for my actions.

But blood means nothing, I got friends that cater to me more than family, friends who got my back more than family, friends that won't turn on me for a nigga or a dime who done gave them the best head in the world. I'm just saying that Family turns and its what the person does that makes them family.

When Q and I hooked up it was like the best thing ever. Who gets tipsy and ends up with a hot guy for a one night stand on their first time ever? I did and when we met again, I found relief, but all the bullshit at the end was uncalled for, real talk.

I found it in my heart to forgive Qua' sean because that's the right thing to do and I hope he forgave me because deep down in my heart, I still feel for him. He hasn't spoke to me since we talked about the abortion, but I can't help it if I wanted to better my life.

My love for him seems everlasting; I want to get redemption, but I can't with Dove in my way. She's my entire problem, now that she's getting married to the love of my life.

Anyways, I can get him back with the snap of my fingers. I just need her out of the way for just a little bit and I can move right back in and get a real position like I'm suppose to.

With my daring looks and moves, I'm already ahead of the game, the only thing that can mess me up is my secret, but I really want to confess already.

I'm a bit confused with my life.

A lot of things will happen between the time and I get emotional, but at the end of the day the Pain's Worth It.

Notes are ° Worth IT ° :


The first chapter will be released on December 1st, so tune in.

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