Chpt. 1 A tea for two, A coffee for one

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The notes to Enrique Iglesia’s Hero started up and the couple took to the floor as the people watched in awe. Professional training they had not but what did it matter for the couple who’s love was evident to all.

The music pouring from the speakers twisted and wound its way through the woman’s heart and she smiled at her partner, happy to finally be able to be in his arms. She loved him then and knew that she would for a very long time simply because he loved her.

I will stand by you forever

Words to live by for her and she would rather regret having lived by them than not. His arm wrapped around her made her feel secure while the music played and she loved him even more for being the daring man that he was.

She thought back to where they had come from in order for them to get to where they were now and she could do nothing but smile. Their start was probably unlike any she had ever heard of and though rocky, she was glad to have begun that way.

Ten Months Ago

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for coming tonight. Let me just start by saying that tonight’s proceeds will go toward a good cause…”

“More Columbian mocha chocolate shots?” Someone asked form the back of the crowd.

The owner smiled, “No, no more shots. It goes to the charity of our choice.” The owner took a brief pause, “Now here are the rules tonight. Its ladies night which means that the instead of the men hoping from one table to the next, the guys get a chance to sit this one out. Each sitting is five minutes long, talk about anything, everything. Now I will say this only once, we are all adults, we all act accordingly and if there are any creepy crawlies here be warned that this shop would not be held responsible for any bull mucky that goes on outside of the establishment,” he said sternly.

“And please know that if any person is found out to be a creep they will be promptly tossed out on their asses. With that said have a good night and enjoy. Oh and only certain items are fifty percent off.” The owner of the local coffee shop, More than Express, Oh! finished speaking then moved to the gong and hit it once, alerting the men that weren’t already seated to take their places for the night to begin. There were fourteen men in attendance, each at their own stations, and some at the counter, majority at tables where ceramic coffee mugs served as pen holders.

Veronica was a little nervous about how the evening was going to play out. This was by far the most non -traditional step she had taken in her venture to finding a man. She couldn’t help that she tended to attract men with very little self worth, the jealous worthless typed hadn’t been any better. Frankly, she was tired of waiting for God to deliver her a man as her tia Marigold claimed would happen.

She wasn’t one of those females that had a written list of the traits that her men absolutely needed to have. All she wanted was a guy that wanted her for who she was, and didn’t focus on the outside appearance. Thus far, she had tried her luck with the dating websites, which were a bust. All she found there was sex starved men with mortgages, kids, and a crazy ex-wife. The remaining areas of searching for a man weren’t any better. All her aunts and cousins had some sort of man snaring advice to give her. Which she had taken it all in with several grains of salt, because most of the ones that had the advice to give didn’t have any men in their own lives. One aunt suggested going to the shopping mall to scout out a man. There she ended up meeting Guillermo. He was a nice enough guy, with a little seven year old daughter that had a mouth and attitude just like her hellion of a mother. After the incident where the little girl fell down a flight of stairs Veronica called it quits for the sake of her health.

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