Cinnamon and Sugar

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The TwistUp tournament ended with a triumphant Jeon Jungkook besting Min Yoongi in the last round--at which time Tae and Hoseok pranced around scattering handmade confetti, like flower girls at a wedding, over Yoongi's limp body flattened against the floor and Jungkook's almost-headstand of victory.

After the lights and colors and giggles all came to an end, everyone made themselves busy with cleaning up the random cups, plates and handmade confetti scraps.

Yoongi had a mission, though. Once he'd regained enough stamina to crawl up off of the floor, he found and yanked the at the collar of little Woozi's cotton T-shirt and dragged him to the side of the room. Woozi's small dark eyes turned into bright, black diamonds, glinting with panic as he was dragged along in Yoongi's clutches like a small dog on a short leash. 

"Free drinks for everyone, eh?"  Yoongi let go of Woozi's shirt and stepped back to take in the sight of the small young man with panicked eyes. "I know it was you. No one else is smart enough to break the lock codes on my booze box. Yah little shit." Yoongi's words were harsh, but they were delivered with a sugar-sweet smile.

He's...amused?  Woozi gulped. "Tae wanted to boost morale. I said I'd help."

"Well, it worked. Good job, kid."

A hopeful almost-smile flickered at the corners of Woozi's little mouth.

Yoongi growled again, "But don't you ever. Ever. Touch my booze box again. Got it?"

Woozi nodded quickly, his shaggy pink hairs falling into his round glasses. "Understood, Suga-nim."


Across the room, Jungkook was crouched down on his hands and knees, busying himself with plucking bits of paper confetti up off of the floor as his baggy black sweatpants scrunched up against the cold metal tiles.

Almost... done... there.

Jungkook stood up straight with a triumphant smile on his face. His eyes skimmed the life and sound of the room, landing on the silvery hair and silken attire of Taehyung. 

Tae was happily humming a small tune to himself and seemed to be color-sorting the bits of paper confetti that were laying in one of his palms.

Jungkook chuckled at the sight, his heart overflowing with warmth. As Jungkook stood there grinning like a fool, Shae walked up and gave Jungkook's arm a shove.


Jungkook only grinned even harder. 

"Shae, are you drunk?"

Shae looped her arm through his and leaned her head into his shoulder while making a childish humming noise. 

"I'm not sure."

"Maybe I should take you back to your room to lie down, Shae," he said with a laugh. "Or find Ava to help you."

Shae nuzzled into Jungkook's shoulder. "Mmmm but this is so nice."

Jungkook reached down and flicked Shae in the forehead. "C'mon, Shae, don't be a pest."

He laughed at the sour face she made up at him as she let go of his arm.

"Kookie, why can't you get along with Joon?"

"Well, that was a sudden turn of the conversation." Jungkook reached out a hand to her shoulder as if to guide her, but she pushed his hand away. "I think we should talk about that when you're sober, Shae. For now, let's...."

"No. Kookie, I wanna know."

"I'm not going to argue with you right now. So c'mon, let's just...."

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