Possessive (McNamawyer)

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Veronica Sawyer, and Heather McNamara, or McNamawyer, as everyine dubbed them, were the cutest couple in school, but there was a problem they had. That problem was Mac's clingy and possessiveness attitude. Seriously, she sent someone to the ER just by talking to the brunette she was dating. Though Veronica had been trying to help her stop it, it became more challenging by the second.

Now, Mac wouldn't even leave her alone for more then two to three hours, and she'd often stay the night, and Veronica caught her watching her sleep once. Currently, the brunette was writing in her diary, in her hiding spot since Mac was at cheerleading.

"Dear Diary,' She began, 'I love Heather and everything but she's become possessive lately. I don't know why, but whenever I talk to someone I see them look petrified of the yellow clad girl the next day, or I see them covered in bruises. I mean, look at Ram, they were practically dating at the start of this year, and now he's scared for his life, and doesn't come near me at all. I mean, one part of me says that's great, I didn't like him much, but the other part wants me to sort out Heather. I'm trying, I swear!

Anyways, I gotta go, gotta stay quiet until she finds me.

-V. Sawyer.'

She sighed through her nose, clutching her diary to her chest, a tad worried, "Ron-Ron~!" Mac called from somewhere below her, "I've finished cheer practice and now we can spend time together!"

'Scratch that,' She wrote, 'She's a fuckin' yandere. I wish she'd be normal!' She sighed.


She gave away her position and Mac looked directly at her with a bright grin, and honestly, Veronica felt bad, but her body decided to move on it's own. She climbed down the tree, threw her diary as a distraction, and ran from the cheerleader, and she didn't look back, but the whimpered, "Ronnie…?" Hurt her more, but she couldn't stop herself, and she ran all the way home, locking herself in her room, and groaning into a pillow, "Stupid, stupid, stupid!" She insulted herself.


Mac was hurt by Veronica's sudden need to get away from her, and she made herself useful by picking up her diary, her girlfriend had taken her bag with her, "What did I do wrong?" She asked the leather bound book as if it were going to answer. Sighing, she decided to take a peek, to read the latest entry.

"Dear diary," She read a loud, "I love Heather and everything but she's been possessive lately? What? I haven't!" She shut the book, then remembered how she'd sent one freshman to the E.R for asking her girlfriend for direction. Then there was that other time where she impaled Ram's…area, with her high heels, and now he's scared shitless. Other encounters of the same cstergory hit her all at once and she cried quietly as to not attract attention, and so she walked home, sobbing into her hands.


It had been two weeks. Heather McNamara and Veronica Sawyer were hardly in the same room now. Everyone thought they'd split, but no. They just had an arguement, kind of, and now neither was brave enough to talk to the other.

Veronica was sat in Study Hall, next to Heather Chandler. Heather Duke was in english with Mac. Veronica turned to the queen bee, "Hey, Chan?" Said red obsessed blonde turned to her, arching an eyebrow, "Hm?" She hummed in response.

"What do I do about Heather..?" The brunette still couldn't believe she was getting advice from the mythic bitch. Expecting a sarcastic answer, she tensed, but then was surprised at Chandler's next words, "You should talk to her, Veronica," She started, filming her already perfect nails, "She's been so quiet that me and Heather can't even recognize her.." She said, a little more quietly.

"Th-Thanks, I think? I'll go talk to her later!" She brightly grinned, and Chandler had a genuine smile for once as she watched the brunette practically race out of her seat when the bell rang, and Chandler sighed, "Maybe I should stop being possessive of Duke.." She mumbled to herself.


"Heather! Wait, please!" The brunette called after the sprinting blonde. Veronica was no athlete so she couldn't keep up. But, she knew where Heather was going, so she followed her into the bathroom, blocking the exit, "Heather, I need to talk to you-"

"NO! I know, I know, I'm a terrible girlfriend, and-" She continued to rant about her flaws and insecurities when pink lips met her lips, followed by a hug. Mac was confused, "wha-"

"I love you, Heather McNamara, and I shouldn't have run away from you. I should've talked to you like a real person, but I did not.. Please forgive me..?"

Mac pondered over the question,  then took her girlfriend's chin and kissed her again, and Veronica knew the answer.


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