Sunshine and Whiskey

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My favorite sound.

Min Yoongi slumped back into the central pilot's chair of the ship's control room, sipping his coffee with groggy elegance. He had pulled the cotton sleeping mask from his forehead and swapped the bathrobe and pajamas for a posh green sweater, khaki pants, and black loafers.

A small yellow light flickered on the raised panel next to his seat, a notification, distracting Yoongi from the bliss of empty thought.

There go Chim and Company, off to find the River Styx.

Yoongi gave a sigh.

This place was feeling a little overcrowded for my taste, anyway. Perhaps now I'll get some goddamn peace and quiet before we make it to base camp.


Or perhaps the fuck not.

Jung Hoseok bounced into the room, fed and happy it seemed, right up to Yoongi's chair. Hoseok fake-massaged Yoongi's shoulders for a moment, pinched Yoongi's right earlobe ("OUCH!"), and then bounded over to plop into the chair next to Yoongi's.

Yoongi oozed disappointment. "Can I help you?"

Hoseok asked, a bright whine in his voice, "What are you doing in here all by your lonesome?"

Yoongi's small eyes said it all. "Enjoying what my life would be like without you in it."

"Awww, c'mon!" Hoseok feign-kicked his leg towards Yoongi's chair and into the side of his seat.

Yoongi was completely unaffected.

Hoseok whined on, "Yoongiiiiiiii."

"The fuck, man. What?

Hoseok sat up a bit straighter in his chair and lost the dopey glow about his face. "We should talk about what exactly we're going to do with everyone, once we get back to base camp."

Yoongi gave a grunt. "You just wanna know if you can have Kookie join your special ops team."


"Hoe, that's up to him. If he wants to join your team he can, you know that's how we roll around here."

"I told you not the call me that." Hoseok's voice was a childish whine.

Yoongi ignored him. "Ask him. See what he says. But he probably won't want to be far from wherever we station Shae."

Hoseok tilted his head to one side like a dog. "Why do you say that?"

Yoongi swished his mug of coffee like it was an expensive glass of Chardonnay. "I know things."

Hoseok rolled his eyes so slowly, they were in danger of getting stuck in the back of his head. "Yeah, like how to lose at cards."

Yoongi stopped swishing his coffee mug.

"And how to be an asshole."

Small black eyes bore into the side of Hoseok's smirking profile.

"And how to be single AF."

At this... Yoongi lept from his chair, Hoseok lept up in tandem... and the sound of the red-headed combat specialist's high pitched screams echoed from the control room all the way through the entire ship, for all the crew to hear.


Kim Taehyung knew that there was still a lot of cloudiness hanging over everyone on their ship. He also knew that, now that Joon was gone, it was far likelier to dissipate—with the right push.

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