Chapter 7

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It was now the two week anniversary of her job loss. Over the course of the next week, Rosemary kept her hidden secret from the both of them. Byron would leave her at the bookstore, and Tony would be dropped off at the Internet café to research on a job. Although, there was always that thought racing through her mind that someone out there knew, other than herself and Lucy.

After Byron had swerved around the intersection, she raced to the nearest bus stop, hoping to find employment within the big city today. With only few places accepting resumes, she soon lost hope and headed back to her cottage.

As before, something was strange about the house once again. Nothing was out of place while she neared it, but she found that a problem in itself. Shivers traveled up and down her spine. Rose reached under the doormat to pull out the emergency key after figuring out she had lost her own on the way here.

She carefully stepped through the doorway, assuming the worst. After all, that had become expected to her now. "Who's there?" Rose reached for a frying pan from the stove nearby, squinting her eyes to see through the dark. Nothing. Still eyeing around the room, Rose reached out to reveal light for the kitchen.

Her jaw dropped and her heart skipped a beat. She would've screamed, except she was frozen in fright once again. Meters from her feet were sprinkles of red liquid...blood, along with a bloody hand attempting to clear the mess up. Standing there in horror, the man spoke to her.

"It's alright, Rose! I only broke the vase!" Tony knelt there, chuckling. "You're way too easy to scare!"

Rosemary felt her heart speed regulate, until her sixth sense kicked in again. She was really starting to hate that feeling. She extended the frying pan toward Tony and put her finger on her lips, signaling to stay quiet. Rose crept about the living room and such, on a quest to find another intruder.

"Rose...what are you doing?! I've been here all morn-there's nothing there! I checked."

Illuminating all the rooms on the main floor, she still could not put her finger on it. Something about the house in general just seemed different than it should've been. She decided to bring it to Byron when he arrived home. "Yeah, you're right. I'm just a little paranoid after the other night," Rose covered up. Something is going on here, she thought to herself. And I'm gonna find out what.

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