I just wanna make you squirt | Luke Hemmings

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"H-hey y/n?" I heard a faint voice behind me that's when I turned to see the biggest nerd in school, I get that I was a bit recognized in school because of my father but I wasn't much of a mean person. "Yeah?" I asked for him to continue with his previous conversation "the teacher said you n-needed tutoring for math?" He asked a bit shy which I thought was adorable; most people would've think it's disgusting and gross but I think it's actually sweet that he's not a self-centered asshole like the other guys at this school.

Usually popular girls are none-virgins but I was the first girl to actually remain a virgin at this school, I wasn't experienced in any sort of way but I shouldn't be thinking of this right now I had to answer him. "Uh-oh yeah uhm meet you tonight at your house and can I please bring some nice clothing to suite you?" I asked with a pleading smile. He just looked at me; he looked a bit hesitant at first but he eventually nodded in agreement. I smiled and walked away to last period which was art, piece of cake!

After school I got into my car and went for the shopping mall to buy the 'nerd' some nice clothing which mostly involved leather jackets and black ripped skinny jeans which I thought was a major turn on.

As soon as I was done shopping I headed over to the address he had messaged me before and made my way on the path leading me to his front door. I rang the doorbell and waited for an answer which was gladly responded by the 'nerd' he looked a bit nervous but he forced a smile unto his face which I gladly returned.

I walked into the nice little house and I was greeted with the warm air hitting my face. I walked up into his room that he has lead me in and I handed him the clothing and he was about to walk out the door but I stopped him "where are you going?" I asked. "T-to change" he replied stuttering per usual. I got up from the bed and walked to him and leaned in closer whilst whispering "change in here" I could see his jaw clench and his muscles tensing. I walked back to my previous spot on the bed and waited for him to change.

He started to take off his sweater vest very slowly which was very annoying but he soon threw it onto the floor and I could see his and formed perfectly and beautiful v-line prominent as he fumbled with his belt and dropping it next to his sweater vest and starting to undo his pants, each piece of fabric that came off him I got wetter each and every minute. He was left in his boxer shorts.

He took off his glasses and wore the contacts I bought him and he walked over to this old box and played with his lip for a while until I noticed he had slipped in his lip ring which I never even knew he had a lip piercing, it was such a fucking turn on. I pushed him on his own bed and slipped down his boxers; I pumped his hard cock and didn't really know what to do next "uhm what's your name?" I asked embarrassed I didn't know his name "Luke" he groaned out. "Uhm Luke I uh I'm a virgin and I've never done this before" his eyes widened "y-your a virgin? Uhm I could teach y-you?" He asked shy again which was still cute. I quickly nodded as he guided me on his member.

"Okay well you know you have to actually get it in your mouth right?" Does he think i am that stupid? Of course I know that. I wrapped my delicate lips around his hard dick and earned a stifled moan from him which was really hot. "Use your tongue baby" he said in a low tone which was so fucking hot I could feel the wetness of my pussy dripping down my legs.

I swirled my tongue around his dick and bobbed my head up and down, Luke's unconditional moans were all that filled up into his room. "Shit babe just like that" he moaned out.
I deep throated him and hit my gag reflex which he thought was hot, I moaned earning another loud moan from him follow by him cussing under his breath "fuck I'm gonna cum" he said which was when I stopped, I didn't want him to cum unless it was inside me. "Fuck baby you'll pay for that!" He said a bit angry which was really sexy!

He pushed me onto the bed and took off all of my clothing in a fast speed which left me stunned, he kissed my lips working his way down to my jawline and down to the valley of my boobs, his tongue flicked my nipple getting me soaked. I continued going down in between my legs and immediately his lips wrapped around my clit spreading the wetness around, his fingers trailing along my slit; I felt two fingers plunge inside me and I couldn't help but moan whilst arching my back for more pleasure. "Luke just fuck me already" at his point I was eager for his hard cock.

His lips left my clit and he thrusted his hard cock inside me I couldn't help but scream out in both pleasure and pain. "Oh shit do you want me stop?" He asked but I just shrugged it off "no keep going" I said bracing the pain. He started thrusting in a very slow pace; once the pleasure had defeated the pain I wanted to feel more of Luke, I wanted feel every inch of him inside me go deep and long. "Oh shit faster baby" his speed went faster and harder and i just moaned out of pure ecstasy it was like he was fucking me in a whole other universe. "Oh fuck Luke I'm gonna fucking cum baby" the only thing audible was the sound of skin harshly slapping and our moans. Our hips grinded in sync as I came all over his dick "shit baby you're a squirter" he said with an enormous grin plastered unto his face. He rode out our highs a slumped down next to me...
"Fuck that was .. So fucking good. I wanna make you squirt like that again." He said in between breathes..

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