Chapter 46

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This is the Final Chapter of the story enjoy!!!!

「Wow, that was a tough fight.」

An entire day passed since that fight.

Aria who was idling on the bed muttered as I was thinking.

「Un. At that time, I thought I would lose.」

Though, it was such a fight that Mount. Kalba disappeared completely.

Since we still can not get out of being fatigued, we've always been laying on the bed since coming home.

....Well, it feels like the usual.

「Ne ne, onii-chan. Who was that maid who suddenly came out during the fight with the Ryūjin?」

Eri who was idling around asked a question.

「That's right, I was worried about that too! I didn't have enough time to ask about it during the fight, but....who was she! She's definitely not an ordinary person to have those big boobs that are bigger than mine!」

Yup, the materialized menu screen was a maid with glasses with big b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

Why did she have that appearance....?

【Because Tetsuya-sama formed that image unconsciously to me.】

I see.

It may be certain. A perfect image.

I want to massage your b.r.e.a.s.t.s!

【Then, I'll materialize when nobody is close....!】

[TL Note: d.a.m.n.... okay then]


「So, who was she!」

Aria's pursuit doesn't stop.

Should I deceive her?

Even if I say that the menu screen materialized, she won't believe it and it will become a story of what menu screen looks like.

「......I don't have a Maid-san. Isn't it just your imagination?」

「There was! Why are you lying!?」

「Perhaps, is she your aijin, onii-chan?」

[TL Note: Search aijin up, go to urbandictionary]

「Aijin!? Just a little moment, Mimily-san! It's an aijin isn't it, Tetsuya-san!」


The conversation gradually became complicated. What should I do?

【Shall I decide to be Tetsuya-san's fiance? Just say that I died in an accident just before the wedding ceremony, and I have been a guardian spirit since then, and when the time comes, I materialize....】

I wonder if they will believe that.

「To tell you the truth, that maid is my fiance. She died in an accident before our wedding... and she has been my guardian spirit since and materializes if there's an emergency!」

「W, was that so! I'm sorry for looking into your past!」

She believed in an instant. Aria really is pure-hearted.

「Onii-chan had a fiance... but why was she wearing a maid dress?」

「....It's my hobby.」

「T, that's right... then Eri will wear maid uniform!」

「I, I will also wear it!」

「Mukuri. I heard the story. I become a maid, too.」

All three of them having sparkling eyes and declare they become maids.

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