Chapter 43

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The Legendary Old Dragon.
Even though I saw how Aria and Mimily were scared, I honestly didn't mind it.
I'm thinking of beating it by myself with one blow.
But, the moment I saw a black big body which was at the top of Mount. Kalba, I broke a cold sweat.

First of all, it's huge.
The entire length from head to tail surely exceeds a hundred meters.
And it was told that the dark miasma surrounding the body was an intolerable presence.
Perhaps, a soldier or adventurer might die in the march by just approaching the miasma.

However, the Old Dragon has not completely revived, yet.

A chain of light was wrapped around the entire body and was tied to the rocky face of the mountain.
Perhaps that chain was the seal the hero did five-hundred years ago.
Once that's destroyed, the Old Dragon fully revives.

「Ku~tsu......Looking at it again, I can understand that it's tremendous.」

「Te, Tetsuya-san, are you okay!? Are you able to do Sasu Tetsu!?」

「I recommend turning back and joining with everyone else....」

「O, onii-chan! Let's hurry and run away!」

The ones who saw the figure of the Old Dragon were only thinking about escaping.
Actually, even I'm terrified.
However, I can't escape now.

My level is currently at 5,000.
In order to fight the Old Dragon, I walked around the garden and trained.
Against the Old Dragon.... who's level is sitting at 10,000.
It exceeds mine.

If I fought such a monster, I don't know how many casualties there will be.
But, if I don't do it, they'll be annihilated.
Then... I'll just have to defeat it alone!
[TL Note: Hero Mode ACTIVATED.]

「Everyone, get on the bed and run away!」

「Eh? Wait a minute, Tetsuya-san. What are you going to do!」

I rejected Aria's voice to stop and I jumped off the bed.
Landing before the eyes of the Old Dragon.
At the same time, I activated an attack skill.

「Ground-Level of the Horizon, to the far side of Absolute Zero!」

Enormous Ice spreads in front of me, imprisoning the Old Dragon.
The lump of ice covers up all the visible areas.
However, from the inner-part of the thick ice, the roar of the Old Dragon was heard.
With terrible super-vibration, it got crushed and melted.
In a blink of an eye, the ice disappeared that was surrounding the Old Dragon.

「Tsch, as expected of the Old Dragon! The difference in level is only 5,000. However, I did not come here just to lose. Look!」

I have the measures of victory.
It's the super-fast repeat sideway jumping.
While confronting the Old Dragon, I moved all the way to the left and right and kept raising my level.
[TL Note: Jack of All Trades much.]

「All ri~ght! For the time being, eat this level 8,000 spatial-cutting sword!」

A blade of darkness extends from my hand.
The strongest sword to cut through the substance of s.p.a.ce itself.
If that's the case, it should be able to cut through the Old Dragon.
And, thoughtfully.


The Old Dragon roars――And a black lump was released from the back of its throat.
It crashes with the spatial-cutting sword and transmits extraordinary vibrations to my arm.
On the contrary――

「The spatial-cutting sword has disappeared!?」

【Please be careful. That was a spatial-cutting breath. It is the finishing move of the Old Dragon with the force equivalent to the s.p.a.cial-cutting sword.】

W, w, what!
You're a higher level than me, and you have such a thing!?
But, it's still too early to be in despair.
I finally reached level 10,000.
Now we're even.
And I learned new skills!

「The Beam that Kills the Old Dragon without Fail!」

A huge enormous light burst out from my palm and hits the Old Dragon.

【I will explain. The Beam that Kills the Old Dragon without Fail is a beam that kills the Old Dragon without fail!】

As explained by the menu screen with high tension, the Old Dragon who got hit with the bombardment was out of breath.
The neck and limbs fall to the ground, and roaring sounds could be heard.
I won! Level Up Just By Walking, completion!


I heard Aria's voice from the sky.
She saw my glorious victory and lower the bed down.
However, they were told to run away, they should have run away.

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