Chapter 41

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  That day.
At the Royal Palace, an unusual crisis occurred.
All the members of the Nivurea Royal Knights gathered.

Usually, the Nivurea Royal Knights act according to their own judgments.
Of course during an emergency――For example一A large monster can't be handled by the common adventurersーWhen appearing, the king may lose his life directly.
However, it is extremely rare for all 50 members to be gathered together.
It was Rosetta's first experience after joining five years ago.

It made me tense.
Looking around the Royal Knights, they are standing straighter than usual.
This is not because it was an audience.
Nonetheless, how many times we will meet His Majesty in the future, there is no reason for the knights to be that stiff.
It's because to observe an extraordinary manifestation that drifted throughout the Royal Palace.

And the King who appeared, at last, sat on his throne, looking around the standing Royal Knights and opened his mouth.

「Signs of the Old Dragon's Revival were observed by the Court Mages.」

Nan, dato.
Rosetta who couldn't understand the words of His Majesty for a moment became stiff.
However, such an extravagance thing cannot be forgiven forever.
Even if I don't like it, the impact of it runs through my entire body.

Old Dragon. Revival. The signs.

「Your Majesty. Are you certain? If that is true then this country... the continent itself will be in grave danger.」

The Royal Knight captain asks the question that everyone had thought of.
It was said in a strong tone, but n.o.body blamed him including the king for its faults.
And the King slowly shook his head.

「.....It is regrettable but it is certain. Otherwise, I wouldn't of have gathered you all. As for the place, it's Mount. Kalba.」

That was the place where the Old Dragon was sealed, five-hundred years ago.
It was predicted that the seal would be broken, but there was no way it would happen when I am alive――
It seemed everyone, including Rosetta, were thinking.

「Your Majesty. What would you propose on doing?」

「Needless to say. Destroy it before it complete revives. Make preparations for the soldiers. And cooperate with the Adventurer's Guild. Whatever you must do, you have to beat the Old Dragon. Mount. Kalba is just under our borders. If the Old Dragon revives inside the Kingdom of Nivurea and rampant in other countries, it will become an international crisis. You must seal it or subdue it by any means necessary.」

The revival of the Old Dragon is no doubt a global-level crisis.
Rosetta thought that there would be no international problems at that time, but what the King said was not wrong.
If the subjugation of the Old Dragon fails, the world would cease to exist, and naturally, it's the worst ending.
If we were to defeat the Old Dragon but damage appears in neighboring countries, the Kingdom of Nivurea would be destroyed.
If it is so, then the conclusion would be to finish everything while the damage remains in just this kingdom.

A~, this is troublesome.
Why did the hero from five-hundred years ago even seal the Old Dragon in this country?
At the very least, he should have fought on the other side of Mount. Kalba, that way it becomes a problem for the neighboring kingdom.
[TL Note: You are cruel, but I like that.]

I can't even begin even if I complain.
A Knight is a Knight even if peace was broken.
I activated Light of Recovery, and my eyes immediately have begun to work.

In Mimily's village, the festivities continued with *chatter chatter* for three days and three nights.
Aria was drinking liquor and took off, while Eri *mofu mofu'd* the beastman's ears and tails, it was a fun three days.

And so, Mimily's parents journeyed as adventurers again.
It seems that neither of them seems to be a s.e.xual part in just one place.

「Mimily. You want to come?」

Mimily's mother asked but Mimily immediately shook her head.

「I'll stay with Tetsuya and the others for a while.」

「Arasou. I'll see you later then. Make sure your body is healthy.」

「I know. Mother and father, take care.」

We bid our goodbyes and we came back to the Royal Capital.
Of course, Mimily is with me.

「Let me see. I will take it easy again from now on.」

I thought so, but the Royal Capital was noisy than usual.
From here and there, we kept hearing loud voices.
Well, it's common the Royal Capital will be noisy, but now there are disturbing signs.

「What's happening? Should we go to the Adventurer's Guild and ask?」

「Then let's go.」

We didn't go home but let the bed go straight to the Adventurer's Guild.
And it was difficult to hear the surprising news.

「It seems like the Old Dragon will be revived. Didn't you guys know?」

I was told by the receptionist in a disgusted tone.

Old Dragon.
As I heard those words, Aria cried out 「d.a.m.n it!」 Mimily's tail stood up, and Eri had her eyes fully awake.

A, what surprising information.... is what I'd say, but I don't know who that Old Dragon is.
However, I thought it was stupid to ask the receptionist that, so I went home first.
I inserted the bed from the balcony and finally arrived.

「So. What's the Old Dragon?.... Hey everyone, are you still stiff?」

The three girls opened their mouths gapingly and looked around realizing they didn't know where to look at.
I clapped both my hands together with batting and finally realized「Ha~tsu」

「Y,you, when did you come back to the house!? The Old Dragon! The Old Dragon has not revived yet?」

「Fu~e~e...onii-chan, the Old Dragon is scary! 」

「I was gakuburu as well.」
[TL Note: 'gakuburu' means to tremble, shiver, from stress, panic, fear, etc]

Whatever I said, all three clung to me at once.
They're not usually scared.
Apparently, the revival of the Old Dragon is not an ordinary case, one way or another.

「W,well, let's all just calm down. Since I'm here, you'll be fine.」

「......Te,tetsuya-san....Are you going to do Sasu Tetsu to the Old Dragon/」

「I will. I absolute will. So it's fine.」

「O, anich~a~an.... Please protect Eri!」

「This time I will cling to Tetsuya. Goro Nya~n.」

Of course, everyone was being strange.
Especially Mimily, her fox ears were not being usual.
It seems to be a situation where one's character loses its personality.

Anyway, it won't start unless I hear what the Old Dragon is.
I soothed them by gazing and listen to the information about the Old Dragon little by little.

It is said.
The Old Dragon was a dragon that lived for over a thousand years.
The strength is no match for the dragon I defeated at that forest, and it is said that the continent itself would be in danger let alone a country.
However, five-hundred years ago, a man who was a hero made full use of his overwhelming swordsmanship and magic and sealed the Old Dragon in a mountain called Kalba.
In exchange for his life.
[TL Note: What a true hero]

The tales of the Old Dragon is still being handed down to the people.
Strong. Strong anyway.
In a mystical tale, ten countries were destroyed by that Old Dragon.
Just listening to it, I felt my back stiffen.
If such a thing is back, I understand why they'd be scared.

「.....However, it's okay! On the other hand, it's good timing, isn't it? When I am in this country, it revives! That's nice timing! I shall show my finest Sasu Tetsu!」

Right now, my level exceeds 3000.
That's thirty times the number of people who devoted their lives as adventurers.
It is twelve-times than that of Mimily's mother who's a self-proclaimed genius.
It should be alright!

But I'm a bit worried, so let's walk a little bit.......
[TL Note: Seriously?]

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