Chapter 40

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  After the tournament, I face Mimily's parents outside of the Colosseum.

「By the way, Mimily. Why are you in the Royal Capital? Are you sightseeing?」

「Different. Because mother and father didn't come home, I left the village to search. Tetsuya and Aria are my fellow adventurers」

「Aria-desu! I'm Mimily-sans' friend-desu!」
[TL Note: I've decided to go with Aria saying -san to others]

「Tetsuya-desu, I am also a friend of Mimily's-desu」

「How polite. And Eri-chan, sorry about earlier. You were just too cute I lost control and went at it」

Mimily's mother turns to Eri and smiles at her.

「It was a match so I won't complain if you did anything...but, how do you know my name? I haven't said it」

「It was written on the partic.i.p.ants' list」

「A, I see....」

「I have a question to ask. Eri-chan was just translucent during the match, but now you're normal, weren't you? What is going on?」

「A, you see. It's all thanks to onii-chan!」

Eri explains how I have the skill to materialize a ghost or dematerialize them.
Mimily's parents who heard it brightened their eyes.

「Then, can you also make her materialize!?」

「I'll be able to be lovey-dovey again if I'm materialized」

「Ba,baka! Not in front of the child, what are you doing!」

Mimily's father reddens.

「Really, what are you doing when you're at that age....」

And Mimily sighs when she was disgusted.

「It's easy to materialize. Hora」

I believe「Mimily's mother will materialize!」
Then she materialized.
Ne, it's easy, isn't it?

「Arara, that's amazing! Ne, I'm materialized, right?」

「It has been done! Your body temperature also transmits properly now!」


[TL Note: It's both 'あなた!' but said differently, but written the same]

And they hugged each other.
The two who were being lovey-dovey for a while eventually grasped my hands and thanked me.

「Thank you, Tetsuya-san. Thanks to you, I was able to return to my original form!」

「Really, thank you..... When my wife became a ghost, it was inconvenient in various ways」
[TL Note: Yup, you could f**k her, AYE!?]

It was odd to say his wife died and it was inconvenient, but he seems to be pleased now.

「If you'd like to become a ghost again, please say it anytime. I'll switch it」

Telling myself, I am impressed again that it's a foolish skill.
Is it possible to make normal people translucent?

【It's impossible right now】

A, it's impossible. Iya, it's good that it is.

【By the way, it's not translucent, since Tetsuya-sama already has the transparency skill】

I had so many skills that I didn't notice.

【You can peep at the bath】

I see!
But even if I don't use the transparency skill, Aria will show it to me, and if I enthusiastically ask Eri and Mimily, I feel like they'll show it to me.

【That's right】

......I'm gradually getting used to talking with the menu screen.

「Well. We will return to the village at once, but what about you, Mimily? Do you want to come? Or will you stay with Tetsuya-san and the others?」

「Etto.... What should I do」

Mimily who looks at her mother's face and then mine alternately.

「Mimily, if you'd like to return, I'll send you home. Or rather, why don't you go」

「Is that okay?」

「I guess it's fine. Because he's a leisure man」

「That is so」

Mimily nods with an expression that understands.
Though it is what I say myself, it's a shock when I get convinced.
Even I, will not always be free....
For example... Well, I have no idea.

「.....Anyway. Come Here Flying Bed!」

Answering my call, the flying bed flies to me.

「Ara, amazing. What's this?」

「Fufufu.I'll explain! Tetsuya-san's flying bed can fly in the sky-desu!」

「Ma~! It's unusual for a flying bed to fly in the sky!」

I wonder?
珍しいのは『空飛ぶベッド』そのものであって、『空飛ぶベッドが空を飛ぶ』のは普通のWhat's unusual is『flying bed』 itself, but 『flying in the sky』 is ordinary....since I also go around like that.

Anyway, I carried everyone and flew away.
When it's this amount of people, it's narrow as expected, but.... somehow it took off!

「A~, I haven't had a funeral though I've died. It's going to be my funeral party tonight」

Mother, I don't think that's a good idea.

「Well. I also have something I wanted to ask. Mimily's mother is ridiculously strong.Even if someone dedicated their entire life as an adventurer, level 100 is the highest you can reach.... but your strength was of a level 250, how is that?」

「Ma, Tetsuya-san. There's more to see. Yes, I am level 250」

「Is it because you've become a ghost?」

「No. It was when I was still beastwoman. Because I'm a genius」
[TL Note: She says human, but she's not, so I changed it to beastwoman]

This person, talking about being a genius.
However, level 100 is the limit of this world, and she's level 250. It's probably not wrong to call her a genius.

「By the way, father is an ordinary person at level 68」

「Well, I'll tell you this! Even at level 68, I'm pretty strong!」

He's almost certainly the same as Rosetta of the Royal Knights, so that's amazing.
But still, father. Even if you don't say it like that.....

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