Chapter 39

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  Eri attains a glorious victory smoothly and the final match.
There are currently two ghosts in the arena.
It is Eri, and Mimily's mother.

「I won't lose, Mimily's mother!」

「Ara ma~. Likewise」

And the gong sounds and the beginning of the match starts.
It was Eri who attacked first.
From Eri's hands, where the flames of victory.

「The Inferno of Eri!」

I'll explain The Inferno of Eri.
It's an ordinary flame-based magic skill, though Eri gave it another name for herself.

The Inferno of Eri attacked Mimily's mother with a dreadful heat capacity.
But it was averted by invisible walls.
As expected of a level 250, the defensive boundary is something out of hand.

「Fufu, now it's my turn to go, E~i!」

A gust of wind blew, and The Inferno of Eri was pushed back by Mimily's mother.
Eri is then wrapped in the flames she made herself.

「A chi chi!」
[TL Note: This is hurting noises....]

I'll explain.
Even ghosts that nullify every physical attack can suffer damage from flames and thunders made from magic.

「Not bad, Mimily's mother! Well then, how about this? Eri's Ultra Impact!」

I'll explain what Eri's Ultra Impact is.
It gathers magic on the fist and releases it, it's a very powerful punch.

「Te ya~aa!」

Eri jumped and released Eri's Ultra Impact towards Mimily's mother through the air.
A crack is formed in the arena due to the impact.
However, Mimily's mother avoided it with a quick step.

「Fufu, were, Eri-chan? That's an abnormal amount of magic. But the movements were useless. I will show you how!」

Mimily's mother smiled daringly and――left and afterimage then disappeared.


Eri was surprised with her eyes widened, but I was more surprised.
She did not disappear into a blind spot of her opponent but really disappeared.
If you use the skill of transparency, you'd know.
However, this is different.

Even if she did disappear, my vision is managing to catch her figure faintly.
A unique walking technique, and an incredible movement speed.
With both of those combined, it's as if she wasn't there.
It's a skill that transcends humans.

In other words, it's not if she wasn't there, it's that she couldn't be seen.

「Eri, use a ranged attack! Blow off the entire arena!」

「I understand! Eri's Ice Ultimate!」

Let me explain Eri's Ice Ultimate.
It's a skill that covers a wide area with ice that is extremely cold.
Due to the arena being extremely cold, it was blocked by freezing ice.
Even then, Mimily's mother did not stop.
While breaking the mountain of freezing ice, she rushes to Eri.

「Eri, behind you!」


Eri hurriedly turns back.
But she won't make it in time.
She was easily pushed down, and.....

「*kosho kosho kosho*」
[TL Note: *tickle tickle tickle*]

She was tickled under her armpits.
It is usually impossible to tickle ghosts.... but she was a ghost too, this was unavoidable.

「A hi~yahyahyahyahyahyah! Ya,yamete~~!」

「Fufu, Eri-chan is ticklish. Then how about this one?」

「Stop it! No, not my thighs too!」
[TL Note: Just imagine the fanservice if this was a f**king manga! Or even, an anime! F**K! I want this to be an anime! EVEN A MANGA ADAPTION IS FINE!]

Eri tries to desperately escape, but it seems like she doesn't have strength, and tears are falling while she's laughing *a hi ya hi ya*.

「Givugivu! Gibubu give up! I give up! It's my lose so please stop it!~」

Thus, the results of Magical Ghost Girl Eri finished at second place.
However, Eri should have learned a lot from this tournament.
Do your best, Eri. Don't lose, Eri.
The world will be waiting for a Magical Ghost Girl to stand up once more!

I will have this as a nice story to talk about.

And, I must say my greetings to Mimily's mother and father again.

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