Chapter 36

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  The follower day after playing on the clouds.
In order to test the degree of ability of the Ghost Materialization skill, I decided to cooperate with Eri.

「Eri. Stand there for a moment. I have something I want to test.」

「I understand.」

And with what, Eri became translucent again.
And then, she becomes unclear.

「Amazing. Onii-chan can do anything! Sasu Tetsu!」

Umu. I am too great.
The world is being led by me.

「Tetsuya-san! Tetsuya-san! Please look at this flyer!」

When I was impressed with myself, Aria who came home from shopping was filled with excitement.

「What's wrong, Aria? Was it something more amazing than playing on the clouds?」

「Compared to that, it's not a big deal, but my tension is high as usual!」

That being said.

「Ah, so this is a flyer. A Monster Tournament will be held next week.」

「Monster Tournament?」

I checked the flyer Aria handed to me.
A Tournament where one has to capture a monster and fight it on a one on one.
It seems to be held at the Colosseum at the Royal Capital once a year.

「The victory prize is 50 gold coins! We're adventurers but we've recently been skipping on work, so let's earn money with this!」

「Even if it is next week, will we be able to make money? Capturing a monster and raising them is rather unreasonable.」

「There, Sasu Tetsu will find a way!」

「Iya~a, that's impossible.」

Perhaps, I could do it, but I'm not really that interested so I won't do it.
Rather, we should just head to the Adventurer's Guild and receive a quest and get rewarded.

「Onii-chan, show Eri the flyer too!」

And Eri who began to laugh and smiled from reading the flyer.

「As I thought. The rules are the same ten years ago. However, from this Monster Tournament, anyone but humans can partic.i.p.ate.」

「He~.....However, even if you send out a dog or a cat, they won't be able to win against the monsters, so won't it just be a Monster Tournament?」
[TL Note: Meaning: Monster vs Monster]

「It's normal, onii-chan! But, I might be able to partic.i.p.ate, since I'm a ghost!」

Eri puts her hand on her chest and makes a smug face.
Certainly, if Eri's in her ghost form, no one would think it's a human being.
Furthermore, since they won't be able to touch her, every movement of the opponents would be invalid.

「But, Eri. How will you attack?」

「Onii-chan, have you forgotten? Though they can't touch me, I can touch them!」

「What happens if you touch them?」

「.....Chills run through the body.」

「That's all?」

「I wonder if that's really all.....?」

「I think it's impossible.」

You'd be surprised, but that's it.
She cannot lose, but she cannot win.
Probably, the decision would mean defeat.

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