Chapter 33

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We changed our clothing to swimsuits and head to the bathroom. There I washed my body with Kusatsu Hot Springs water that gushed out from my fingertips.

「Onii-chan, do it to Eri more!」

「Tetsuya, me too.」

「More! Apply more water!」

This is rather suspicious..... when I am only applying hot water.

「Oh, Tetsuya, it's hot! Take a lot of hot liquid that comes out of Tetsuya-san!」
[TL Note: I had some troubles doing this part... it made my city become a kingdom]

「Aria. Settle down a little?」

「I'm sorry. I was being bad!」

Aria puts out her tongue
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「Let's go have that bath as soon as you can with your onii-chan and Aria.」

「That's some great hot water adjustments.」

While Aria and myself were doing some mocking humor, Eri, along with Mimily was immersed in a bathtub earlier.

「Something like this.. don't make me feel stupid, Tetsuya-san!」

「Though you say, it was you who said a stupid thing.」


While we argued at each other, we soaked ourselves with hot water.
In addition, it truly is good hot water.
The skill 『Good Hot Water Comes Out From My Fingertips』has no end date!
Furthermore, it can choose between three hot springs of my choice, and not only because of that can I choose the Kusatsu Hot Springs, it can also bring out Arima Hot Springs and Gero Hot Springs.
Let's try the others next time.

「Tetsuya, is this hot water good for the body?」

Mimily muttered.

「Since it's Kusatsu Hot Springs, it will be okay.」

「Does my b.r.e.a.s.t.s grow big?」

You were concerned about that?

「....The possibility is not zero.」

「I'll go there now. I want to enlarge my b.r.e.a.s.t.s as soon as possible.」

「.....Why is that?」

Mimily had been concerned about the narrowness of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s.
But why did you say 『as soon as possible』 now?

「Eri's height is much smaller than mine, but I was careless. Eri's chest is bigger than mine.」

Mimily points out to Eri.
.......I see.
Mimily's chest is absolutely flat. Non-disruptively at all.
On the other hand, Eri is expanding.

「Hehehe. when Eri's b.r.e.a.s.t.s become bigger, it will become a nice body. And I will become the wife of onii-chan!」

As she declared, she clings to my arm.
But will Eri grow bigger?

【Even if that girl has materialized, a ghost is a ghost, so it will not grow anymore.】

Just as I expected.
Because I feel sorry, I'll remain silent.

「Tetsuya-san's wife is me, Eri is cute, but I won't yield him to you.」

Aria also clings to my arm.
This feeling, that was m.u.f.fled.
But, it is splendid.
The victory goes to Aria who was too overwhelming.

「No, Eri's onii-chan.... Onii-chan, let's decide right now! Let's get engaged!」

Eri suddenly proposed unreasonably.

「Engagement is....Let's think this a lot more carefully, Eri is still a child, it is too early.」

「No, not at all. Because when I became a ghost at the age of ten, and ten years since then, we are both twenty years old!」

How did she come up with such calculations?

「But for those ten years, have you ever left the house at least?」

「I have not come out since I was always asleep because I was free.」

「Then it doesn't count because you have not experienced being a human for a decade. You are a child after all.」

「Muu.... onii-chan is a meanie!」
Eri puffs her cheeks. After all, she's still a child.

「Then Tetsuya, your engagement is with me?」

What is『that』?

「Aria is still a child, so engagement is too early.」

「I am not a child, I am fourteen!」

「Isn't that a child?」

「This is different! I am an adult! Look!」

Then, Aria puts them out.
And the b.r.e.a.s.t.s that grew heavily rose to the surface of the water.
Mu mu mu, this surely is an adult's...

「How is it, Tetsuya. If you still say I'm a child, Tetsuya would become a criminal who's excited at about a child's b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Accept it!」

A criminal may be another thing, but that would be troubling particularly.
If I don't declare Aria as a child, then it would be decided we are engaged.
Though I may love Aria, I have not thought about engagement or even marriage yet.
Or rather, even if she has big b.r.e.a.s.t.s that are not fit for a 14-year-old, she is still 14 years old.

「Come now, Tetsuya-san, these b.r.e.a.s.t.s will be yours. Because I am still growing! You can enjoy my expanding b.r.e.a.s.t.s day by day!」

Oh, that would be pleasant!
However, Aria dug her own grave!

「Then that means growing up is a child, Aria.」

「Ha ha, that is if you ask me!」

「I can still enjoy Aria's growth even without us being engaged.」

「It's okay!.... It's okay! Even if we're not engaged, all of me belongs to Tetsuya-san! So please, don't leave it for the rest of your life!」

「Well, you never separate from me.」

「Then, there are no problems!」

Aria became relieved and hugged me a lot further without saying.
Eri on the left, and Aria on the right.
Then, I thought where Mimily would embrace me next.

「I'm busy because I will soak the hot spring's ingredients into my b.r.e.a.s.t.s, so be prepared for expectations.」

I was refused.
d.a.m.n it!
Aside from that, Mimily is petty so it won't feel comfortable even if you hugged me.
After all, Mimily's ears and tail are always number one!

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