Chapter 32

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Aria's rent was canceled, all sorts of furniture that we didn't require were sold, and we moved to the house in the royal capital with just the bed that floats.

I and Aria were excited about our new life.
On the other hand, Mimily was still asleep. This is how it should be.
Disregarding Mimily's sleeping breath, I opened the door of the once haunted house.
When I did, Eri appeared.

「Welcome back, onii-chan!」

Eri clings to me while sitting on the bed.
As expected of a ghost. A chilled feeling runs throughout my entire body.
Hoping to return a hug back during this opportunity, but....

「My arms will pa.s.s through」

「I'm sorry, onii-chan.... I can touch everyone, but everyone can't touch me.」

That is inconvenient.
I really wanted to stroke you.

「Tetsuya-san, won't you do something about it? I want to stroke Eri-chan too!」

Aria is being pretty unreasonable.
I'm not Dora*mon you know.
I can't do anything.
However, I should at least try?
Getting off from the bed *teku teku*.
[TL Note: Doraemon, you know, it's a series.]

【You have reached level 1132】
【Skill Ghost Materialization was acquired】

What an opportunity!
After all, I keep on learning new skills according to the situation I'm in!
Oh! Dora*mon!

【Did you fell apart】

Wow, the menu screen spoke to me again!

【I speak only when the level exceeds pa.s.s 1000】

Is that so! Then I won't be lonely then even if I'm alone!

【Well, then I'll be someone to talk to with.】

Thank you! However, I should get Eri to materialize!

【Okay, please do your best.】

Alright, I will do my best!

「Eri, do you want a body that everyone can touch, like when you were alive?」

「Yes I do!」

「Okay, then I'll do that!」

I firmly believed that Eri will「materialize」
When it did, Eri's body which was translucent before, now became a normal body which cannot pa.s.s through light.

「Eh, yeah!? Easily!」

Eri was surprised when her body changed and looks around her body.
Aria then hugged Eri while saying「Sasu Tetsu」

「It's amazing to touch! I'm embracing comfort! And it's really warm!」
[TL Note: She's saying that she's embracing the word 'comfort']

「Eto.... You're hugging me now? There's a body temperature!?」

「There, there! You can live together with humans now!」

When Aria said so, Eri was shedding tears like rain.

「After becoming a ghost, no one ever played with Eri..... He told me that... I can hug you.....Oh, thank you, onii-chan, onee-san.... Uwaaaa!」

Eri has been a ghost and alone for 10 years.
The loneliness she felt is something I can't grasp.
But, from now on we are together.

「The child is crying......?」

And Mimily who was sleeping until now rises.
She stared at Eri, who materialized and tilted her head.

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