Chapter 5

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Bowser JR's POV
I sat in my room and hugged Chompy. I tried to fight my tears as Chompy whimpered, licking my face. I smiled softly and giggled as I sat down on my bed... I looked around my room, deciding what I wanted to play on... I know that mom may come in and take one of my things but... I dunno.

Bowser JR: Switch?... No. Wii U?.. Nah. GameCube!

I ran over to my TV and opened a drawer, taking out several of games. I took out Super Smash Brothers and put the cartridge in, taking my favorite controller and sat down in front of the TV. Chompy barked and hopped over, laying in his doggy bed. I heard a knock on the door and got up, shakily walking to the door. I opened the door a-and...saw mom...

Bowser JR: H-Hey... Mom..
Bowsette: Hey. I want to talk to you

I nod and swallow a lump of fear as I walked to my bed, sitting down as my mom sat down next to me, turning to me.

Bowsette: I'm not upset.
Bowser JR:...Y-You're not..?
Bowsette: No. This was your first attack, I shouldn't have made you go after such a target as the princess.
Bowser JR: B-But...
Bowsette: Hm?

I looked up to my mom, I Really did... She is the most feared being in the mushroom kingdom and I'm just a kid... I want to prove myself, not only to her but to myself..

Bowser JR:... Y-You're the most feared being in the kingdom... I-I... Want to be like you...

Mom took a moment and smiled softly, hugging my gently.

Bowsette: Sweetie, there is nothing wrong with striving to be strive for greatness but you're young. You have time to learn how to rule like me. You may haven't gotten the intended target but you have gotten away safe and sound...which, I'm glad for... Baby steps Junior, Baby steps

I looked up at mom and smiled softly... She may be a tyrant to the whole kingdom but... She is still my mom... And one day, I'll make her proud and become the new queen...

Reader's POV
I walked around into the cage and looked at one of the Koopas.

(YN): Mr. Turtle?

The Koopa turned its head to me before turning back, keeping guard.

(YN): Mind telling me why I'm not dead yet?

The Koopa shook its head and shrugged, seeming to understand me.

(YN): Okay... Um. Can you tell me why Bowsette didn't kill me yet?
Bowsette: Because I'm sure you could be useful. I'm just not exactly sure how.

I looked towards the hall and my eyes widen as I see Bowsette, standing tall as she puts a Nintendo switch between her cleavage. She grabbed one of the bars of the cage and shook the cage, breaking it off the chain taht held it up. I looked at Bowsette as she held the cage up from the lava.

Bowsette: Maybe I could make use of you... Or drop you to a painful death...
(YN): W-What makes you think I'd ever be used as a pawn?!
Bowsette: Hm?... You seriosuly don't understand... You're in my kingdom. You're my property now.

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