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Tuesday was the date.

I was literally getting married in five days. Five days until I'm Mrs. Ball.

"Why you barely post pictures of us?" Melo asked.

"Oh you want a relationship relationship huh?" I laughed.

"You realize we're bout to be married right, that's more than a relationship relationship," He chuckled

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"You realize we're bout to be married right, that's more than a relationship relationship," He chuckled.

"I barely post our pictures cause I end up having to disable the comments," I rolled my eyes.

People always have arguments or criticize our relationship.

That's what you get when you're with a baller.

"Aye but all that trash don't matter cause we're together no matter what," He kissed me.

"But while we're on the topic why is Kuzma still commenting on your pictures?"

"It's not even flirty comments Melo, tell me how 'icy' is threatening," I shrugged.

"I don't trust him after that first comment," He ranted.

"It was a damn prank for you to get jealous, Kuzma probably doesn't even find my ugly ass attractive," I rumbled.

"Of course he does but you're mine and I don't want him commenting on your pictures, matter of fact, unfollow him," Melo said picking up my phone.

"Excuse me sir but you cheated with a whole ass female."

"So you just gon throw that in my face everytime?"

"I wouldn't have to if you'd just chill Lamelo," I rolled my eyes and stood up.

I walked into the kitchen to drink some water. All that arguing had me thirsty.

"Imagine I had girls commenting things like that on my pictures," Melo
Continued walking into the kitchen.

"Girls comment worst than that on your pictures dude."

"dAdDy, PaPi aF, hE sO fInE," I mimicked the comments.

"That was a bad example," He chuckled.

"I'm scared of losing you Mekai, you could have better," Melo shrugged.

His true feelings finally came out.

I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around him.

"I asked for better and I ended up with you, you're my better Lamelo."

"I only have eyes for you big head," I kissed him.

"Same for you, even though you lame asf," He smiled.

"Shut up armadillo looking nigga," I answered back.

"I have a serious question," Melo stated.

"What you'd do if I dyed my waves rainbow for the wedding?"

"I'd mistake you for tekashi and end up marrying him."

"He likes lil girls anyway," I added.

Melo began dying when I said that.

"Why Denise slandering Zo's name tho?" I asked scrolling through insta.

Denise and Zo broke up right after they had their baby, pathetic.

I know for a fact that Lonzo ain't no deadbeat dad.

"She wildin hard on the gram, I hope you don't do that after I leave you with four kids," Melo shook his head.

I picked up a table cloth and stoned him.

"I'll ask for 55k per child, stay safe, use protection," I said sounding like a commercial.

This ugly nigga bet not leave me.

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