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After my parents found out about Cole, they decided to talk to him.  He sat at the table as they reassured him of how they felt.

"We just want you to know, there is nothing wrong with being gay and we love you no matter what," dad assured him.

"Okay," he said to him casually.

"We don't want you to be upset with Rain. You know she doesn't have a filter and I don't think she realized what she was saying," mom reasoned.

He looked at them, "who says I'm upset?"

"Well this is a big deal," dad told him.

"Why?"  He looked at them a bit confused.

"Because most kids are afraid of telling their parents," mom explained.

He looked at them then said, "you two worry too much. I've been gay since I was thirteen. I just never said anything because it's not a big deal. I like guys."

They looked at him confused.

"I'm not Rain. I don't need to be reassured and things explained to me constantly. I know you both love me no matter what.  You're good parents. That's why I'm fine with who I am," he shrugged.

They didn't have anything else to add. Cole wasn't the type to share a lot but he didn't need constant attention either. My brother was usually quiet anyways.  Where as Luke was more vocal.

Luke walked in and saw them sitting at the table.

"Let me guess, they know," he asked Cole.


He started laughing.

"What's so funny," dad asked him.

"The fact you two worry way too much about us," he chuckled.

"It's our job," mom told him.

"And you did a fine job raising us. Hence why Cole didn't feel the need to broadcast being gay," he smirked.  They just looked at him.

"He's not wrong. When have I ever made a big production out of things," he asked them leaving them utterly speechless. "Exactly. Have we not learned anything with Rain?"

Dad looked at mom, "I give up."

She just shook her head.

"Look, don't feel bad. I know Rain needs a lot of help. I also know we were never pushed aside while some people feel that way, we don't. Trust me it's fine," he said as he got up.

Cole went upstairs as Luke looked at them.

"Okay I feel like an ass," dad said to mom.

"Why," Luke asked him.

"Because as a parent it's our job to know these things. I didn't exactly have the best upbringing," he sighed.

"Dad, you both did the best you can. Think about it. Yeah Rain needed more help but you still made sure we were taken care of. Some parents don't care. You did. No matter what you cared," he reasoned as he left the kitchen.

My parents always worried they weren't good enough but they were more than good enough. They were better than most parents and loved us equally. But they also treated us as individuals. Cole was right. They worried too much.

The next day I came downstairs and heard a knock at the door. I walked over and asked, "who is it?"

"It's Uncle Reed," they announced.

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