Austin Mahone Fanfic Part 1

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(this story is written as if your in it.)



The alarm clock.

You wake up in your best friend Lucas's arms. It's not what you think.. You guys stay at his house at night and his mom drives you to school in the morning, then your mom picks you up at the end of the day and you stay at your house till dinner and it repeats daily. Luke shuts of the alarm.

Luke: 'Good morning beautiful' he whispers in his morning voice.

You: 'goodmorning' you smile.

You both get up, you have an early lunch this year so you skip breakfast and go straight to brushing your teeth. You get dressed in the bathroom and walk into Luke's room to restraighten a few peices of hair. Luke is still getting dressed. He comes and hugs you with his jeans and no shirt on. You hug him then go to the dresser where your straightener was heating up. You can't help look at his sexy body through the reflection In the mirror.

Luke: 'peeking at me getting dressed young lady?(;'

You: 'straightening my hair smarty.(;'

You walk over to him and give him a peck on the lips. You're not dating but you both like each other and realized it would be to complicated if you dated so you guys kiss whenever you're alone. Luke laughs and kisses you again. You grab a shirt from his closet and hand it to him.

You: 'wear this, I like it.' you smile.

Luke: 'only cause you like it.' he winks and you kiss one last time before you go to French braid the top of your hair.

*10 minutes later*

Luke's mom: 'were leaving in 15 minutes guys!'

Luke and you: 'alright!'

Tday was the first day of school.

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