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Most of you guys probably didn't notice that I wasn't gonna be active for a bit. Because usually, I would update a chapter within a couple of days, well I was busy, playing a newly released BL game called Seiyuu Danshi.

Because BL is life, so obviously I'll be there for the Yaoi, also I was running out of ideas and needed inspiration, so I'm back with regular updates about nearly every 3-4 days?

Anyway, I was away for a bit, posted it on my message board to give the people that followed me the heads up and yeah, I'm back, dated all the guys in the game and plowed them and yeah, as an apology I've decided to make an EXTRA chapter of the second most popular ship!

Ken X Alex!

Ken and Alex is a reversible couple meaning they both can top and bottom each other. However, for this EXTRA chapter, I made Ken top and Alex bottom.

Don't like it? Ignore this chapter and wait for the next one, in the meantime for all you incest dirty rotten readers, enjoy 👍


Ken's POV

Alex is asleep again, I sighed as I watch him lightly snore.

Even though we're living in the dorm and we're meant to live with our roommates Alex doesn't seem to mind me sleeping in his room often, since his roommate uhm what was his name again? Natsu Cu- I mean Summer? it's a good thing he's barely around because if he was around Alex often, I would have to make sure he doesn't see daylight.

I watch Alex shuffled around in his sleep, how is it that he sleeps this messily? his hair is a mess, his pyjama shirt is a bit unbuttoned, he kicked off the blanket and his sleeping form reminds me of a starfish.

I sighed since I was used to seeing him like this, but I was never used to the rare sight of his pale chest, thank you for your bad sleeping habits! 

I swallowed my saliva at the tempting sight, he won't wake up, right? even though I've done this multiple of times he never seems to wake up, so this is my chance. Leaning over his face I gently pecked his soft tempting lips a couple of time, I want to explore his mouth but I can't risk it, so with light small pecks on the lips, I slowly travel down to his jawlines, his neck and then onto his chest.

Crap, I look down at the tight sight, I need to go to the bathroom, just as I was about to slip out of the bed I felt a strong grip on my wrist.

Alex's POV

Holding onto my little bother's slender wrist he turns back to look at me with surprise but horror at the same time, "y-you were awake?!" he stutters with a flustered face, he looks terrified and confused on what to do. To be honest, I was awake the entire time so I was also awake during his previous attempts, at first, I didn't know what to do, but after his couple of other attempts, I didn't really hate it.

Rather I kind of liked it, ".... aren't you going to continue?" he looked at me rather surprised, "s-sorry I think I heard something weird" he rubs his ears, "I said-" pulling his wrist I made him pin me down on the bed, "aren't you going to continue?" I said with a light peck on his wrist.

His face becomes bright red, "b-but Alex are you sure?" he gulps, "because once I start I won't hold back" he looks down on me with lustful eyes, to be honest at first the thought of me and Ken in this sort of relationship seemed foreign, but after a while of couple more of his attempts, the idea slowly becomes tempting to me.

Shyly I nodded and was quickly attacked with rough kisses and he didn't hesitate to push his tongue in, "Nii-chan" he lustfully whispers, "touch me?" how is he so cute!? he grabbed my hand and guides it down to his tight pant, he continues to occupy my mouth as I rub over his hard rod over the silky fabric.

Ken looks so cute, he looks like he wants to climax but he's trying to hold it back, "Nii-chan I don't want to cum yet" he pushes my hand away, "if I wanna cum I wanna do it inside you~" I blushed as I realised what he meant. He slips away the pyjama bottoms and underwear, as he did he looks down at my lower half as if he was in trance, "Ken?" he snaps out of deep thoughts, "s-sorry Nii-chan! it's just... I never thought this will ever happen so this just seems like it's too good to be true" he blushes cutely.

The sight of him blushing would've been cute, if he wasn't already lubing his fingers and placing a condom over his hard member, I swear this boy is prepared.

I sighed as I spread my legs out seeing how he seems eager to be topping me, "hurry Ken~" I seductively said as I watch his Adam apple go down and up, slowly he pushes one finger in, "ah~!" I moaned as I felt his slender finger travel inside, "wait, isn't it a bit loose?" Ken digs around to realise it wasn't as tight as he thought it would be, in conclusion, "Alex, who did you sleep with?" he says eerily.

He chuckles for a bit with wide terrifying eyes and a crooked smile, "this is weird, Alex you were meant to be mine! I made sure all those disgusting pests disappear so who did this!?" he roughly shoved all three fingers in "AH!" I moaned loudly by the sudden action, "who? who? who? who?" he repeated again and again as he roughly pushes his fingers in and out, again and again.

"W-wait Ken stop ah!" he refused to listen and continues to roughly push in whilst exploring my inside, "was it Haru? or maybe Terrance?" he's already mentally listing in his mind on who to kill next, "KEN!" I slapped both his cheeks together to finally get him to look at me, "calm down and look inside my bedside drawer."

He looks at me confused and did as I said to find a 6-inch dildo awaiting with a bottle of lube, "what?" he looks at me rather confused, "I use them from time to time on the nights you sleep over." Ken looks up at me with flushed cheeks, "w-wait so does that mean you were awake the entire time?!" I nodded whilst looking away.

I look up at his face to see his large gaping mouth and his member looking bigger than usual, "Nii-chan I can't hold back!" he quickly lines himself, "Wait! Ken AH!" I felt his hard rode quickly slips in, "s-so tight nii-chan~" he lightly moans as I felt my tight walls trying to adjust to the foreign object.

"K-Ken~" I lightly moan as I felt him slowly move in and out, "nii-chan~" Ken moans out as he leans forward which pushes my legs inwards as I felt his tender lips sucking onto my neck, "Ken" I moaned his name into his ear as he slowly moves while he tries to mark me, "done!" he looks down at his purple result, "damn it Ken no hickeys! what if one of my classmates notices it?! it would be even more embarrassing if a girl notice!" even though I was angry I was distracted by his sudden rough movements.

"Nah I'm sure if one of the girls in your class noticed it, they would be fangirling," I look at him confused by what he meant, "just think of it as fan service Nii-chan~" he speeds up the pace without waiting for me adjusting to the new sensation. Each time he thrusts he hits my good spot which made my thoughts turn into a mess. Instead, of saying any sorts of words my voice just voiced out loud moans and occasionally shouts out his name.

"Nii-chan! I'm gonna cum!" I was unable to respond clearly so all I could do was a nod in response. After a few more rough thrusts I climaxed before Ken causing a sticky mess on my stomach, whilst Ken climaxed inside of me and into the condom, so lucky for me I don't have to clean up my inside.

"Nii-chan" Ken collapses and ended up on top of me, "tired?" I asked as he tiredly nodded, "shame I wanted to go for a second round, " quickly regaining his energy back he leans up and looks at me with anticipation, "however! this time I get to top you!" saying that proudly I expected him to cutely reject the idea of it but instead he nodded.

"What?"I look at him rather confused, "I mean if it's you Nii-chan I wouldn't mind any positions just as long as it's with you~" he pulls my wrist up to his lips giving it a small peck, "because I love you a lot!" he says with a cheery smile causing me to blush like a red tomato, "I-I" I quietly whisper, "I love you too" he heard what I said and quickly pounced on me with new energy.

Like that, we went for a second round, but this time I was topping.

End of EXTRA

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