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David and I were not back to normal, even after we made up. It got around the friend group pretty fast that I was a "crazy bitch" (thanks, Jonah), and I even walked in on Heath telling David to get out of it while he could. Nice.

David and I were getting worried about someone finding out too, which was only adding stress on top of our already strained relationship. I was fifteen weeks and starting to show, so I was constantly wearing huge sweatshirts. It was a turn around from my usual attire; even for school, I typically dressed up in some kind of crop top and high waisted jeans. It was unlike me to go out looking frumpy repeatedly, and people were starting to notice. David and I decided it was time to tell his friends, then he'd book us a plane ticket in a few weeks to tell his family.

David had an elaborate plan for how he wanted to tell his friends. For Zane, Heath, Carly, Erin, and Bruce, he had some kind of blindfolded surprise planned.

It went down like this. David first got together with Zane and Heath. I sat on Zane's couch giggling while David said, "I need you guys to lay down on the floor and be blindfolded."

The response was immediate.

"Fuck you, David," they both laughed it off, but when David pulled shirts out from behind his back, they both started grumbling about how they didn't want to do it and it always happened to them and it wasn't fair.

"Did you do this to your girlfriend?" Heath gestured to me, and David turned around smirking.

"I mean, technically," he laughed and I rolled my eyes at his inappropriate joke that the other two didn't get (yet). "Just do it, please. I need vlog footage."

"Is it scary?" Zane asked, and when David wouldn't answer, he added, "Because I have to shit and if it's scary, I might shit myself."

"Just lay down," David snapped, and the two boys, still grumbling, made their way to the floor. David placed the shirts over their faces and instructed them to not move. He laid an apple on each of their chests, and we both giggled as they squealed.

"It's moving, you asshole!" Zane yelled, ripping his blindfold off to see an apple. He picked it up with a confused, "Huh?"

Heath caught wind that Zane had taken off his blindfold, so he took his off too. He, too, stared down at the fruit in confusion. "Um, an apple?"

"Yeah, uh," David seemed to get a little nervous. He placed a hand on my thigh and said, "That's the size of our baby right now."

I put my hand over my stomach for emphasis.

"Shut the fuck up," Heath rolled his eyes. "You're a dirty liar. That's fucked up."

"Wait, are you serious? Say deadass," Zane whined. "I don't know what to believe. Say deadass."

Instead, I showed him, standing up and lifting my sweatshirt up over my head. I had on a sports bra underneath, but the boys were more focused on the tiny belly poking out of my black leggings.

"Holy fuck," Zane stood abruptly, wrapping David in a hug. "Congratulations, dude! I'm gonna be an uncle!"

"Wow, holy fuck," Heath pulled David in for a hug while Zane moved on to hugging me. "Out of all of us, I never thought you'd be the one to get someone pregnant first."

"I mean, we're still not confident Todd hasn't," David joked, and they all laughed. They took some time to speak to my baby, referring to it as "Baby Dobrik", and then we went over the basic rules like don't tell anyone until David formally announces it and no Zane we aren't naming it after you.

We used the same plan for Carly, Erin, and Bruce a few days later. They all stared at us like we were stupid for at least thirty seconds, until I shed my sweatshirt and showed my belly again. Carly's jaw dropped and her eyes found Erin's and suddenly, they were both squealing and hugging me and spinning me around. I was worried I was going to throw up the baby or something, but once they set me back down, I was fine. A few congratulations were said and the basics were gone over once again. As David began to tell more of his friends, it only got scarier. I was pretty obviously pregnant and more people knew and now I had to actually deal with it instead of hiding it and pretending it wasn't happening.

David had a different plan for his other friends. Scotty gave no reaction to surprises, Kristen wouldn't let David surprise her, Brandon was susceptible to freaking out, and Trisha was just slow when it came to noticing things.

His plan was for us to just go over as if it were a normal day, filming normal things. Halfway through I would complain of being hot and take my jacket off, revealing the baby bump (which had grown a bit larger since we told the other two groups. It took a lot to get these people together). He wanted to see who would notice first and what they would say.

It was easy enough for me. I hung out with Brandon most of the day because he was easy to talk to and not doing work. David got everyone in the living room together by saying he wanted to do a bit where Jason found Trisha touching Zane, who came right before the reveal for moral support.

"I don't like this bit," Jason lied. "Trisha does it too often anyways."

"Everyone needs to look like they're talking," he instructed the group. His eyes found mine and with a light nod, I unzipped my jacket and slid it off my shoulders, dumping it on the couch. I was talking with Kristen, who didn't look down or say a word about my stomach.

I had worn an extra tight black tank top and some low rise red jeans, hoping to make it stick out a little more, but it apparently wasn't working. We got through the entire bit without anyone noticing.

David was getting frustrated, and he finally said, "Babe, can you come help me see if this clip fits with what I already have?"

I smiled cheesily, knowing he just wanted me to prance around the room. Pushing myself off the couch, I got about two steps in front of the group before I heard Brandon gasp, "Wait, what the fuck? Turn back around."

Giggling, I turned back around with some pretty embarrassing jazz hands. "Surprise!"

"No fucking way," Trisha's mouth dropped open and she turned to Jason. "David can get someone pregnant and you can't get me pregnant?"

"Wait... are you serious?" Scotty squinted. "Lift up the shirt. That's fake."

"You trying to see my girlfriend naked, Sire?" David asked playfully, placing a protective hand around my hip. He lifted my shirt anyways, and when it popped over the bump, the whole room seemed to go silent.

"Oh my gosh, congratulations!" Kristen jumped up, hugging me first and David second. "Is it a boy or a girl?"

"We don't know yet," I answered. "But if I had to guess, I'd say a boy. It's been a fucking pain in my ass, and if that's not David Dobrik Jr, I don't know what is."

you can look up a 15 week pregnant lady but they all look different, basically the bump is very small but still noticeable and not really passable as just a belly

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