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Brooke spends the afternoon trying on every outfit in her closet. Her tummy is full of butterflies. Like this is thier "first date".

"This is stupid." She says outloud, holding another dress up in front of the mirror.

She pulls out her phone, texting her best friend, Celeste.

'Date tonight. SOS.' It reads.

She continues shuffling through the hangers until she hears a response.

'Send pics'

Brooke rolls her eyes.

'Come over. Have some stuff to tell you.'


'Ugg, fine. Give me 10'

Brooke smiles then tries on another outfit.

She is still digging when she hears her front door open and shut.

"Hey bitch tits, where are you?"

"In here." She calls.

Cel walks in, plopping herself down on her bed, across from the closet.

"This better be good, you know. Not answering my texts and snaps for three days. I thought you were dead." She says dramatically.

"Are you over yourself?" Brooke snaps as she turns around.

There is no heat to it. They've been friends for so long that this is how they talk to eachother now.

"Did Brad from Physics finally come around?" She exaggerates.

"Ha-ha-ha." Brooke emphasizes. That joke was a lot funnier six years ago when they were actually in highschool.

Cel rolls her eyes.

"It was just a joke, don't get your panties in a twist."

Brooke rolls her eyes.

"Serious I see." Cel adds.

"Okay, for real though. Who is it?"

Brooke turns back to face her.

"Cade Belmount."

Cel's face twists.

"Cade Belmount? Why does that name sound so familiar?" She questions.

"Or Caden, I guess. Whatever." Brooke responds.

"Caden Belmount..." Cel reiterates.

"Wait a second!" She stands up off the bed.

"The Army guy!?"


"You're such a bad liar. Seriously, who is it!?" She bursts.

"Caden. Belmount." Brooke says sternly.

Cel walks over to her, examining her face.

"You're not kidding. Like the Caden Belmount?"

"Yeah." Brooke says again.

"How!?" Cel nearly screams.

Brooke points outside to the twin side of her duplex. Cel clearly doesn't catch on.

"He's in your kitchen?"

"No, you dummy! He lives in the east complex."

"The guy with the truck!?"


"Like right there?" She points outside.

"Cel." Brooke grabs her by the shoulders.

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