I'm Not Solid Teflon. (McDuke)

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Just another day of being a Heather, right? Everyone adores you, and doesn't dare to hurt you?

Well, that's where you're wrong.

We're not solid teflon, well, me and Heather Duke aren't. Our leader, Heather Chandler, is though, why? Because she's at the top of the food chain. All of the jocks, and the lesbians want her, and since they can't, they harass me and Duke. It only got worse and worse when Duke started to snap at me as well.

Currently, my anxiety and depression has not been helping me in the slightest. Chandler is in the hospital in a coma. That's all because she attempted suicide via chugging draino. My best friend, who I thought had it all together… didn't.

Duke has taken the role of leader, and has been treating me like Chan treated her - cold, heartless, and cruel. I couldn't take it. I didn't want to take it. The only reason I never stood up for her was because I didn't want to get crucified by Chan. Funny how much things can change, "God, Heather, are you even alive?" Duke sneered from infront of me, as I had only just realised I had lost myself in my thoughts once again, "H-Huh? Oh, sorry, I was just--"

But of course, she cut me off, "Shut up, Heather! I didn't want justification!" She harshly snarled in a response, "Sorry, Heather.." I responded meekly, 'Wow, Heather Duke has big words in her vocabulary.' The darkest corner of my mind sneered, as I followed the green obsessed girl down the hall helplessly.


'You're pathetic because you whine!' A figment of my imagination, that took the form of Duke, sneered at me as I collapsed to the bathroom floor, not caring if someone walked in on me. Besides, I never helped anyone by existing, so what's the use?

"Ugh, stupid childproof caps!" I groaned in frustration. Yes, it was last period, and yes, I was skipping. But hey, I wasn't getting good grades either, so that wasn't anything to look forward to. I spotted Chan's lipstick on the sink, and then grabbed it, almost crying for what seemed like the fiftieth time that day, "I miss you, Chan… You're on life support, and doctors are fearing the worst." I croaked before shakily putting it back. No need to disturb her.

After what seemed like ages, I did it. The orange childproof cap flipped off and clinked against the floor. I smiled sadly. Soon, all of my pain would be over. No more bullies, or tyrants overlooking. I'd be at peace. I sat against the wall, pouring all of the contents of the bottle into my hand. I sighed, content for the first time in a while, "Well, atleast I'm going peacefully in the school bathroom." I joke to myself wryly, directing my shaking hand up to my face, about to pour the end of my life into my digestive system.

Chandler and Duke's comments flooded back through my mind, and I sobbed quietly.

'Don't be such a pillowcase.'

'Stop faking for attention, you're already popular.'

'You whine all night!'

Aswell as many others.

I poured the pills into my mouth, about to swallow, when---

"NO!" Came an all-too familiar voice, the voice of my tormentor, as I realised I forgot to lock the doors on my way in. Heather Duke, the girl who to most had no personality, came bashing through the door, tackling me over, ending up sat on my stomach, holding her hand out with a stern glare, "Spit it out."

"Mm!" I pouted, meaning it as a no, but I was still shocked that someone came, "Heather, I mean it! Spit them out!" And so I did, right into her face as she scrambled back with a hiss, "Ow! Hey!" She retorted, wiping my spit from her face, and I noticed she was worried. She sniffled? Woah, that's new, "Heather, you're trying to kill yourself! Chan's not dead yet, she's only on life support!" Duke yelled, her voice close to cracking. The green girl slowly stood back up.

"Heather, are you okay?" She asked me, and I almost scoffed, because she of all people could tell. "Yep, just fine!" I faked my happiness and a bright grin, even though it didn't meet my eyes, and Duke gave me an "are you fuckin serious" expression, "No, Heather, you're not, and I know why. This is because of my bullying, and, I'm sorry." She shakily said, and she pulled me into a hug, and then, I broke down into her arms, venting about everything - from my parents, to school, and just stupid things to be worried about in general.

"Oh, Heather, I'm so…sorry." Duke sniffled, tearing up.

"a-and…I've had a crush on you for a wh-while.."



"Well, so have I.." Duke smiled.

The next thing I knew was a compassionate kiss, followed by a walk to the hospital to visit our best friend.

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