Chapter Thirty-Seven:He was her maze to solve.

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Chapter Thirty-Seven:He was her maze to solve.

Thursday Morning 9:10 AM

LYDIA groaned in pain as her bedroom door opened gently. Period cramps always got the best of her, making her take a day of school once a month.

The second day is always the worst, she thought to herself as she rolled into a ball, facing away from the door. She didn't want anyone seeing her in pain, at her weakest.

George cleared his throat. When he saw that Lydia wasn't in class he became concerned. She'd always skipped one school day once a month but he never knew why.

Though, now everything was coming together in his head. She took days off because of her period pains.

"I brought chocolate," George said, laying down gently on the bed beside her. He rubbed her hip, hoping he was easing the pain.

Lydia sighed in relief, the pain was lessening. Maybe the painkillers were kicking in or maybe it was George's touch and presence. She didn't know for sure which, but she was leaning towards the latter.

George made everything better, every experience, every feeling was better with him. But that was just her opinion.

"Thank you," she breathed out, not attempting to move in case the pain comes back again.

He smiled, "no problem." He didn't stop rubbing her hip even though the pain had subsided, he liked being close to her, touching her.


My name never sounded so beautiful coming from a pair of lips, Lydia thought. "Yeah?" She replied, not knowing what he was going to say next.

His mind was a maze to her. A maze that she was determined in finding the solution off, to find every nook and cranny possible.

Sure, he gave her clues and she figured out something's already but not enough. It'll never be enough.

"You know I'm at your at your every beck and call, right? Whenever you need me I'll be there. Always."


The second day is always the worst! What do you call periods?


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