Part 22.

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(A/n I really like this poem. Please hear it.)

"You ready?" I asked Emilia taking my car keys. "Yup, just a little nervouse." She said honestly. 

"You'll be fine. If not I'll come get you." I said if they even try to harm a hair on her I will kill them. Me and Emilia has gotten super close. "Thanks. Let's go." She said getting in my car I took her suitcase in the car and drove to my private plane.

After the drive...

"I'll miss you." I said to Emilia hugging her. "I'll miss you too." She said. "Be careful." I warned her. "I will don't worry I'll manage bye." She said waving a small wave. 

I got in my car when my phone suddenly rings. I look at the name it was Tom. I answerred it right away. "Tom!? Is everything alright with Rose?!" I asked. "She woke up." He said when he said that I started speeding to the hospital. I got to the hospital and ran into Rose's room.
She was sitting on her bed I hugged the life out of her. "Rose omg I fucking missed you!" I yelled at her. "Um..... who are you?" She asked non no no. "You don't remember me?" I said she bursted out laughing. "Your face was priceless." She said omfg how could she do me like that. "Idiot how could you do me like that. I would have slapped you if you hadn't just woken up from coma." I said I'm pissed at her. "I'm sorry." She said. "Whatever." I said. "So when are we taking down Marco." She said. "Next month I believe... wait... who told you about the plan?" I asked. "Tom couldn't keep his mouth shut." She said looking at him. "Tom I swear to god I'm someday going to kill you." I said.
(A/n if you don't keep your mouth shut I'm going to be the one that gets killed.) Sorry. Wait who's getting killed off?! (A/n you'll have to see for yourself.) Wait come back I need answers! Lousy author. (A/n I heard that.) Fine sorry. "You okay? You kinda spaced out." Tom asked. "Yeah just having a fight with the author." I said chill. "Only you.. Only you" Tom muttered. "Well let's get you out of the hospital." I said to Rose. "Okay." She said getting up and into a wheelchair.
At home.
"Cayden give me my fucking Oreos back you have stolen enough." I yelled at him while running after him. "You didn't say anything when Rose stole your cheetos." He yelled back. "Did she fucking eat my cheetos!? I'm going to fucking murder her!" I yelled. When I was close enough to Cayden I tackled him to the ground. "Oumph!" I took my Oreos and got up while Cayden laid o  n the ground. "Get the fuck up." I said kicking him slightly. "No I don't want to." He complained. "Uhh I'll give you a kiss if you'll get up." When I said that he got up in a matter of seconds. "Now where is my kiss?" He asked. "Close your eyes." I said then Baxter aka my dog walked by I picked him up and he licked Cayden I  the face. "Ulghr. What the fuck!?" He yelled I bursted out laughing. "Omg that was priceless!" I yelled. "Your getting it." He said picking me up and throwing me on the bed and started tickling me. "Hahaha s-stop it" I said between laughs. "Say Cayden is the hottest guy in the world." He yelled. "N-no Z-zack effron i-is hotter." I said he started tickling me more. "Fine Cayden is the hottest guy in the world!" I yelled he stopped and leaned in and kissed me. "I love you." He said. "Love you too bish." I said and kissed him. "Wanna get food?" He asked. "Always." I said.
We got to a restaurant I think it's an Italian but I'm not sure. The waiter got to us. "What can I get the pretty lady?" He asked and Cayden glared at him. "I don't know what do you think babe?" I asked. "We can get two spaghetti Bolognese and two cola's." He said the waiter looked purely terrified of Cayden right now.
We ate our food and just talked. When we were done we got home we went to my house and decided that he could sleep over at my house I changed into PJs and got into bed then we slept.
Okay I know some of you might want to have a sexual chapter but... I just can't write that cringe Shit because I'm only 13 as you might know. So that's not going to happen if you want to you could imagine it yourself because I can't okay.
But... oh my fucking god we have reached 400+ reads thank you guys so fucking much.  thanks for reading please vote and follow my account.
Bye bishes ❤❤

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