Chapter 51 - someone like her

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A few days later

POV Ethan


Mao and I were laying in her old bed. Her head was laying on my arm and my hand was playing with her hair.

Grayson is supposed to call me in any seconds, so my phone is on my chest.
I was looking at it, waiting for it to light up, signaling me that Gray was finally calling.

But minutes were passing and Gray hasn't called yet.

"Why isn't he calling ?" I asked Mao, nervous.
"Relax, He is going to call."
"Why are you so sure about that ?"
"Because it's Grayson we're talking about, e." She replied.
"Yeah right, you're right..." I said, unsure.

Mao moved on the bed and sat, facing me.

"Talk to me." She said.

I bet this girl knows me better than I know myself sometimes...

"It's nothing." I told her.
"Obviously it's not nothing Ethan. Tell me what's wrong." She insisted.

I looked at her a few seconds.
She perfectly knew something was up with me, and she was not going to stop asking me what until I tell her.

"I just - I feel so stupid." I finally confessed.
"Why ?"

I sighed.

"I'm here with you, and Gray and I are not children anymore, we don't need someone to take care of us all the time. Yet I can't go a day without talking to him or knowing how he is..."

Mao run her fingers through my dark hair, smiling softly.

"You know, one day, I'll not be there for you." She told me. "Your parents won't be there for you, Cameron is going to have her own life, James, Bryant, Emma and all your friends as well." She continued. "But Grayson is always going to be Grayson, and he'll always be your identical twin brother, and he'll always love you and be there for you, you know that. No matter where he lives, no matter who he lives with, etc."

I nodded.

"You were born together, you grew up together, you lived your life side by side. It's normal if you worry about him, e. You always going to worry about him. And he will always worry about you as well."

I said nothing for a moment. She was right, like always.

"I love him so much..." I whispered.

She kept looking at me, saying nothing. She knew I had more to say.

"And I don't tell him as much as I should." I ended up saying.

Mao caressed my cheek with her long nail painted fingers.

"Believe me, he knows." Mao told me, her finger running through my hair once again.

She knows so well how much I love when she does that.


"Grayson is going to call and I'll give you some privacy so you can talk to him." She told me.
"You can stay, I have nothing to hide." I told her, in all honesty.

She smiled at me once again.

God, she is so beautiful.

"I know you don't." She said before getting up and leaving the bedroom.

I looked at her leave. She knew I wasn't hiding anything. We have complet trust in each other for some reason and she only left me alone because she knew how important talking to Gray was to me and she knew that even if I loved her with all my heart, I needed my alone time with him.

That something she always respected.

She never asked me to dump Gray to hang out or do something with her, she never asked me to spend less time with him.

The week before Mao and I went to Brooklyn, I spent my entire time with Gray. We slept in the same bed like when we were kids and like we do when one of us is scared. Something we rarely did this year because I was mostly sleeping with Mao.
And this week, Mao slept alone. But she didn't said anything. She wasn't even mad or sad or anything... Not even deep down in her heart.

What did I do to deserve someone like her ?

I look at Grayson's name appearing on my phone screen and I feel so happy.

I would change my life for nothing in the world.


"Hello ? E ?" I heard Grayson say.
"Hey, yeah, sorry I was lost in my thoughts."

I heard Grayson laugh.

"What ?" I asked him.
"How much happy are you right now ?" He asked me.
"Very happy."
"I can tell." He said.

I smiled.

"How's Mao ?" Gray asked.
"She's alright. We're leaving tomorrow, I can't wait for her to meet mom and dad." I told him.
"They're gonna love her more than us I'm sure !"
"They're going to wonder how a looser like me can get a girl like her !"
"I hope they didn't expected someone as fucked up mentally as us." Gray said laughing.
"Surprise, parents ! I've bring you -"
"An angel." Gray finished my sentence.

I laughed, looking at the sealing.

"An angel, yes." I repeated.

Neither of us said anything for a few seconds.

We didn't needed too.

"Take care of her." Gray said softly after a moment.
"Always." I replied.

An other long silence.

"Alright e, James just arrived, I have to hang up."
"Okay, say hello for me."
"I will."
"Okay, bye."

"Hey, Gray ?" I quickly said before he could hang up, clenching my eyes.

"Yeah ?"


"I love you bro."
"Love you too man."


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