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First off, A LOT OF PEOPLE have asked me for permission to translate The Dollhouse, and you can, as long as you give full credit.

Sorry to the people I've said no to in the past, it's just like wosjwoskwondsoskoawoskwp

anyway blah chapter 30 long chapter yay




After being delayed for a couple of long days, the girls, Harry and I are finally going to Niall and Fran's. I'm actually really excited, hopefully it'll be fun, and Niall and Fran will be sweet, but from what I've heard, Fran isn't the kindest girl.

The girls are all over the bedroom, redoing their extremely caked makeup to utter perfection, and trying on dozens of beautiful dresses of different varieties of sparkling colours. The only girl not hurriedly and impatiently getting dressed would be me, because I'm all set. I'm keeping my makeup the same, it doesn't need any tinkering, and I've got the gorgeous gown Harry bought me from Rentalee hanging, I don't have to actually put my dress on yet, there's one hour before we leave, so I've decided to let loose and be comfortable as I just sit down on my bed and read a gossip magazine in my pyjamas.

"Holly? Aren't you going to get dressed? Do your makeup?" Sarah asks me, putting on her shiny, gigantic purple pearl earrings that match with the long, plain, silky lilac dress she's wearing.

"I will put on my dress later" I say, keeping my eyes glued to the magazine I'm reading.

"You aren't doing your makeup?"

"Nah, I don't really see the point" I shrug at Sarah.

"What if your makeup doesn't match you dress?"

"Oh no! The horror!" I say, sarcastically.

"You should let Liz do your makeup, she did mine" Sarah sits down on my bed.

"Did someone say my name?" Liz walks into the bedroom, all dressed up, wearing a pastel pink, slim dress that stops at mid thigh.

"Liz, you should do Holly's makeup" Sarah says, and I groan. I'm just not in the mood today.

"I'm fine, don't worry" I say.

"Be quiet, you. Let's go in the bathroom" Liz grabs my hand and basically forcefully drags me to the bathroom, where I sit on a stool as Liz gets out all her makeup supplies.

"What colour is your dress?" Liz asks me, browsing for lipsticks in her endless selection.

"Uh, green and black"

"Okay. I'll figure something out."

After about forty minutes, I've got my dress on and my makeup done. I've got to admit, Liz did an amazing job. My eyelashes are smothered in thick, black mascara, and my eyes have a small line of brown eyeliner, my lips are a very light red, I really like it.

I put on my black strapped stilettos and meet the other girls in the bedroom with Liz. Once I step out of the bathroom, all the girls jaws drop to the floor as they stare at my new appearance, with Liz standing next to me, simply proud of her accomplishment with my makeup.

Harry calls the girls and I from downstairs, name by name, and the words echo throughout the house giving us the advantage to hear him in this massive mansion.

The girls and I all go downstairs to meet with Harry at the door.

We all walk outside and see a black hummer limo, so polished and clean we can see our own reflections perfectly.

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