Chapter-51 "Dusk Till Dawn"

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So as I'm so lousy and irregular with my updates I decided to make it up to you, and what better way to apologize is there than a double update?!!
No, the fight sequence is not over but this is just a little chapter in between the fight sequence. As the fights are being so intense and serious I decided to upload a lighter, more romantic one and yeah you can listen to this beautiful song dusk till dawn by the very talented zayn malik to get into the feeling . So hope you all enjoy!


"ummm yeah?" I asked staring at the ground.
"not here, at the back" he said as I looked up he was quite angry at me.
I simply nodded, went back and sat down. He came back after a few seconds and sat down next to me.

"when did you meet them?" he asked in slow voice.
"huh?" I asked
"trying to be oblivious, are we?" he said in a sarcastic tone.
"yeah, I met him back in the forest when you went to fetch blood. He was so afraid of me that I decided not to tell you" I Confessed.
"well because of your little secret, two of our soldiers are badly injured and at this point of time you should very well know the importance of our backup" he said
As the realization struck me, tears started coming out of my eyes and soon I was sobbing.

Leo wrapped me in his arms and said
"it's okay liz, just don't keep secrets anymore, at least not the ones that can cost us our kingdom"

He kissed my forehead and I passed him a weak smile.

"leo I want to Ask something" I said
"yes?" he replied
"why did you told your father about george back when we were in the palace" I asked and leo's posture stiffened as he let go of me
"why do you want to know?" he asked back
"why don't you just tell?" I asked him again
"okay okay, I did that because I wanted to protect you" he replied
"how?" I asked

"well, the information about George's arrival created a commotion in the palace, I tipped the soldiers that george will leave from the front gate. I did so because all the attention was focused on the front gate and no one batted an eye to the pantry. Just because of this, you and George left the palace without any hurdles " he replied

"oh" I said as I realized that leo was looking out for me the whole time. I mentally face palmed myself for not trusting him in the first place.

(cue music)
"why are you so nice to me?" I asked
"um?" he said
"well, look who's being oblivious now" I said and we both laughed at the same time
"you didn't answered my question" I said in between laughs
"yeah about that.." leo said
"yeah go ahead I'm listening" I said
"lisa the thing is that.." his voice trailed off
"yeah?" I said
"I love you lisa, I love you with all of my heart" he said looking straight in my eyes.

His statement caught me off guard, I was at a loss of words.

"r.. R.. Really?" I stammered

"yeah, I do. I do love you Annalisa. From the moment I laid my eyes on you I knew you were the one for me. I knew you were not like those other shallow girls, you were so much more than that. I love the way you laugh, I love how far you can go for the ones you love, I love the ever lasting twinkle in eyes, I love the way your lips curve when you smile. And that smile, damn that smile. The most beautiful smile I've ever seen. I just love everything about you. Every moment spent with you makes me a better person than I was before. Ever since you came to my life I had a purpose. To make you happy, to make sure no one hurts you. I knew you would get in my head and I was trying my best to shut you out like I always shut everyone out but no matter how hard I tried not to fall in love with you, I fell and I fell so damn hard. Annalisa, I love you."leo finished

His words were so beautiful that I couldn't resist those tears from coming out of my eyes.

" I love you too leo" was all I could say.

He pulled me closer and traced my lips with his fingers ever so slowly. He kissed my forehead, then the bridge of my nose. When he reached my lips, I could feel his breath mixing with mine.
My lips quivered, as he came in closer and closer until finally his lips crashed with mine.
He kissed me ever so slowly and passionately. I kissed him back just as passionately. After I kissed him back, all hell broke loose.
Our tongues fought for dominance then eventually I gave in,I let him take control of me.
He kissed my neck as I let out a sigh of pleasure. He left a hickey for sure as he removed his lips from my neck and looked at me as I passed him a smile. He passed me one of his charming smile back as he helped me up.

"we better rest for a while, we got a fight tomorrow" he said as he kissed me ever so slowly
"yes" I replied feeling happy as I've ever been.

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