Chapter Thirty-Six: Their complex yet simple relationship.

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Chapter Thirty-Six: Their complex yet simple relationship.

Wednesday night

LYDIA smiled as his arms wrapped around her waist, holding her in place. She sat in between his legs, his chin rested on the top of her head.

No one in the room found their position weird except Kayla. Everyone else didn't care about it, knowing the pair had feelings for one another.

'Why are you sitting on George Scott's lap?'

Kayla pressed send before she read was over the text message. Her best friend was in danger and she didn't have time to waste.

Lydia frowned at her phone screen, she'd forgotten to tell Kayla about George. Though when Lydia walked into the living room Kayla looked the opposite direction while George grinned and took her hand in his.

"What's wrong?" George whispered into the upset girl's ear. He already knew the cause of her unhappiness, the text message on her phone screen.

He looked over her shoulder watching her text her reply to the girl who sat across from them.

'We have a complex yet simple relationship. The both of us don't label it because we go with the flow but one day we'll make it official. So, I guess we are friends?'

She knew he was looking over her shoulder so it didn't give her a fright when he asked to type something. He had the right to, this included him.

'But not friends at the same time. We have a friendship but also something more than that.'

Biting her lip, Lydia pressed send her heart thumping in her chest at George's words and her own.

He smiled, tightening his grip around Lydia as he rested his chin on her shoulder, "would you like to visit the rubbish pit with me, Lydia?"

The brunette's heart nearly burst with the invitation knowing that George was allowing her to take a glimpse into his life more than most of the people in this room.


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