Chapter 7

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The steaming hot water released the tension from my body. I sighed in the thick steam, while looking at my reflection on the mirror in the washroom. Taking a look back on today's event, I racked my brains on what Yumi had tried to make me realize. Her 'decent person' theory did make a little sense because no matter how much I tried to deny the fact, it still was true that there was something that had changed in him. He didn't flirt, his pranks were harmless so far and most of all he confessed that he asked me out just for his amusement. And I do admit I was harsh on him after the match but...

I turned off the shower and stepped out in my clothes. It had taken three rounds of shampoo to rinse out that dirt. But it was nothing compared to the five times I had brush my teeth to remove that foul muddy taste. Yumi was somewhere out with Andrew. It was still better than to hang out with the company in the common room: Baekhyun, who looked in a sour mood while eyeing the cuddling couple beside him. Even I almost threw up seeing Chanyeol and Yoori in such a close embrace. I was walking past them when Chanyeol spoke up.

"Yah, I'm sorry. It was totally accidental." He finally apologized.

"You know, I actually swallowed some of that mud." I accused him.

He just grinned at the memory while his girlfriend glared at me and I returned it. "Baek dared me." He said pointing his friend.

"YAH!! Don't put this on me! I only said that 'we shouldn't let Mirae feel left out from all the fun." He shot back, trying to look innocent.

"Isn't that the same thing?" 

"No, of course not." Baekhyun then turned his head towards me with puppy eyes. "Mirae, dear, I would never even try to hurt you." I shook my head with an amused smile on my face.

"Anyways it was after all you who threw it." I said lightly, turning to Chanyeol.

"And you got your revenge too, right? So aren't we even?" He suggested.

"Yeah, I guess." I shrugged and was about to leave when his girlfriend who seemed to be bottling in some snide remarks, finally burst out.

"I can't believe you hit him! And my poor boy even fell on the ground! Don't you have any civility? You don't even deserve to be a prefect! How dare you-" My jaw fell in surprise. She kept sprouting nonsense shit while Chanyeol and Baekhyun both surprised, were exchanging anxious glances. They stole a glance at my tense face that was probably red with anger. I clenched my first, raised a shaky finger at her.

"You don't even know about my past interactions with your dear boyfriend and his friends, miss. So don't you go sticking your nose in matters far above your knowledge. Or else I can be a bitch as you are."

 That shut her up. She closed her mouth and I spun on my feet to exit the common room. I could hear Baekhyun wolf-whistling at her insult and Chanyeol suppressing a laugh.

My hand was on the door knob when I heard Chanyeol's deep voice again, "So are we even?" 

I turned back in surprise, "Why are you so eager to make up with me?"

"I don't like it when you're mad it me."

"Ohh...So someone here is afraid of me, huh?" I scoffed at him with a smirk.

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